DU Online Program Services is a hub for new online programming at our university, collaborating with academic units across campus to offer accessible degree and certificate programs that fit our changing world. Our office guides faculty and program administrators through the process of researching, planning, and implementing new academic programs.

We collaborate across campus to build data-informed online programs supported by rigorous market research and a clear alignment with DU's educational principles. Our thoughtful, iterative process strives to ensure that all new online programs will successfully engage students and deliver positive learning outcomes.

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Program Management

Our team works with you to develop a roadmap to implementation, including program marketing, recruitment, and instructional design. Our rigorous process for analyzing and creating new online programs works with the academic department around opportunity, need and fit.

  • Program Discovery

    OPS will meet with you to determine (a) how we can help and (b) if your program is viable for the online market. This entry point lets OPS dive into your academic discipline, explore market research, and begin our comprehensive new program questionnaire.

  • Project Management

    We will help launch your program from start to finish, including drafting a program proposal for university approval(s) and conducting market research while offering support services in instructional design, enrollment marketing, and student services. Our team is with you every step of the way to bring your program online through our collaborative process.

  • Outreach & Program Support

    OPS is happy to meet with faculty, directors, and staff to answer questions about moving academic program(s) to an online or hybrid modality. Our comprehensive process engages stakeholders at every level of the organization, from deans to faculty, as well as admissions and marketing staff.

  • Vendor & Contracts Management

    Suppose your academic unit needs support from external vendors. In that case, OPS will help find and manage these partnerships for marketing, admissions, recruitment, or student services, including working with the appropriate university offices on contracts management.

Instructional Design

After your program proposal is approved, OPS will collaborate with faculty and unit staff on instructional design to best adapt your program to the online learning modality.

  • Curriculum Planning Support
    • Our team will conduct a curriculum review to best leverage the new teaching modality to align your program's essential elements using tools like a curriculum chart to highlight design opportunities.
    • While exploring the curricular needs with you, we will facilitate ideation meetings inviting input from key stakeholders (faculty, students, academic advisors, internship coordinators, etc.) to inform curriculum strategies further.
    • We can also generate a detailed development model, a customized course design cycle, and a development schedule that will connect available resources and existing programming to your program's unique needs and goals. 
  • Course Design Support
    • OPS can provide direct support for creating courses and multimedia assets for the new modality or supplement existing program resources and internal design staff.
    • Alternatively, we can provide a management model for course design services that would be fulfilled by any combination of university staff, student workers, or contracted experts as appropriate. 
  • Faculty Support
    • We will help you establish an onboarding plan to orient any faculty course authors who will create or modify course content for the new modality.
    • Additionally, we can provide ongoing professional development that supports faculty development for online teaching. 
  • Review & Assessment Support
    • This service area includes consultation and partnership in outlining connections between program-level assessment plans and course-level student learning measures.
    • We will help you define a thorough course evaluation strategy that is informative, sustainable, and intentionally aligned with existing measures for your program outcomes and goals.
    • We can also assist you with an ongoing curricular review plan that includes periodic in-depth reviews of course quality according to industry standards of best practices and evolving stakeholder perspectives.

Enrollment Marketing

Operating with the capacity of an internal marketing agency, DU OPS offers a full suite of services ranging from strategic planning to implementation and reporting. As we work with you to bring your program to market, our team collaborates with all stakeholders to develop a customized enrollment marketing plan–maximizing ROI on existing marketing efforts and identifying new engagement opportunities. OPS enrollment marketing service can be bundled or utilized independently to meet your academic unit and student population's unique needs.

  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
    • For every new program, DU OPS produces a tailored marketing strategy to identify enrollment and marketing goals, align OPS and internal services, and develop a timeline and plan for implementation. The scope of each OPS marketing strategy will vary with each program.

  • Lead Generation Services

    OPS's lead generation services support the recruitment efforts at the very top of the enrollment funnel. Through these services, we work to bring your message to prospective students where they are.

    • Digital Advertising
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Organic Capture
    • List Purchases
    • Recruitment/Community Events
    • Prospect-to-Inquiry Email Campaigns
  • Lead Development Services

    Our lead development services streamline the early user experience–moving leads from the prospect phase in the enrollment funnel to the inquiry phase. These services help prospective students learn more about your unique program and application process.

    • Cookie Tracking / Affinity Scoring
    • Lead-Nurturing Call Campaigns
    • Recruitment Webinars
    • Inquiry-to-Applicant Email Campaigns
  • Lead Conversion Services

    OPS can supplement the hard work of your admissions office through the application phase, if necessary. Our lead conversion services generate new applications for your program by delivering high-value content and a high-touch user experience.

    • Applicant-Nurturing Call Campaigns
    • Applicant Webinars
    • Application Completion Email Campaigns
  • School/Programmatic Brand Marketing

    While brand marketing is not a primary function of the OPS, we understand the need for a strong brand in our competitive landscape. At the request of our academic partners, we are willing to allocate a portion of resources to support brand marketing as appropriate.

Student Success

Our student support services provide holistic attention before, during, and after enrollment to produce academic success. Our office offers supplementary services to ensure your students engage and succeed socially, academically, and professionally during their programs. We recognize that fully online students have a unique set of needs, and we work to identify and meet your students' needs.

  • Lifecycle Support
    • One-stop support email/phone line: Students can reach out to the OPS for help with any need or question. Our student success staff will either answer the question or help connect the student to the correct contact, minimizing the need for online students to search for resources to answer questions.
    • Dedicated academic coach: When needed, we can provide additional personalized service around academic coaching, helping to track student needs, gather resources, and act as an ongoing point of encouragement.
  • Enrollment Support
    • We can provide outbound email and phone calls ensuring students register online and answer enrollment questions or connect students to school or college enrollment staff.
  • Term Support
    • To supplement ongoing academic support from teaching faculty, we can provide weekly check-ins, study group support, and other high touch engagement to ensure online students feel the same connection and support as face-to-face students.
    • We can also build and send student care packages and similar connection services to increase the bond between online students and their campus.
  • Graduation Support
    • The service area includes supporting current career and intern placement offices, working with students on career prep, and supplementing school and college intern and job placement resources.
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