Enrollment Marketing Services

Operating with the capacity of an internal marketing agency, DU OPS offers a full suite of services ranging from strategic planning to implementation and reporting. As we work with you to bring your program to market, our team collaborates with all stakeholders to develop a customized enrollment marketing plan–maximizing ROI on existing marketing efforts and identifying new engagement opportunities. OPS enrollment marketing service can be bundled or utilized independently to meet your academic unit and student population's unique needs.

Service Catalog

Enrollment Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy and Planning

    For every new program, DU OPS produces a tailored marketing strategy to identify enrollment and marketing goals, align OPS and internal services, and develop a timeline and plan for implementation. The scope of each OPS marketing strategy will vary with each program.

  • Lead Generation Services

    OPS's lead generation services support the recruitment efforts at the very top of the enrollment funnel. Through these services, we work to bring your message to prospective students where they are.

    • Digital Advertising
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Organic Capture
    • List Purchases
    • Recruitment/Community Events
    • Prospect-to-Inquiry Email Campaigns
  • Lead Development Services

    Our lead development services streamline the early user experience–moving leads from the prospect phase in the enrollment funnel to the inquiry phase. These services help prospective students learn more about your unique program and application process.

    • Cookie Tracking / Affinity Scoring
    • Lead-Nurturing Call Campaigns
    • Recruitment Webinars
    • Inquiry-to-Applicant Email Campaigns
  • Lead Conversion Services

    OPS can supplement the hard work of your admissions office through the application phase, if necessary. Our lead conversion services generate new applications for your program by delivering high-value content and a high-touch user experience.

    • Applicant-Nurturing Call Campaigns
    • Applicant Webinars
    • Application Completion Email Campaigns
  • School/Programmatic Brand Marketing

    While brand marketing is not a primary function of the OPS, we understand the need for a strong brand in our competitive landscape. At the request of our academic partners, we are willing to allocate a portion of resources to support brand marketing as appropriate.