Instructional Design Services

After your program proposal is approved, OPS will collaborate with faculty and unit staff on instructional design to best adapt your program to the online learning modality.

Service Catalog

Instructional Design

  • Curriculum Planning Support
    • Our team will conduct a curriculum review to best leverage the new teaching modality to align your program's essential elements using tools like a curriculum chart to highlight design opportunities.
    • While exploring the curricular needs with you, we will facilitate ideation meetings inviting input from key stakeholders (faculty, students, academic advisors, internship coordinators, etc.) to inform curriculum strategies further.
    • We can also generate a detailed development model, a customized course design cycle, and a development schedule that will connect available resources and existing programming to your program's unique needs and goals. 
  • Course Design Support
    • OPS can provide direct support for creating courses and multimedia assets for the new modality or supplement existing program resources and internal design staff.
    • Alternatively, we can provide a management model for course design services that would be fulfilled by any combination of university staff, student workers, or contracted experts as appropriate. 
  • Faculty Support
    • We will help you establish an onboarding plan to orient any faculty course authors who will create or modify course content for the new modality.
    • Additionally, we can provide ongoing professional development that supports faculty development for online teaching. 
  • Review & Assessment Support
    • This service area includes consultation and partnership in outlining connections between program-level assessment plans and course-level student learning measures.
    • We will help you define a thorough course evaluation strategy that is informative, sustainable, and intentionally aligned with existing measures for your program outcomes and goals.
    • We can also assist you with an ongoing curricular review plan that includes periodic in-depth reviews of course quality according to industry standards of best practices and evolving stakeholder perspectives.