Program Management Services

Our team works with you to develop a roadmap to implementation, including program marketing, recruitment, and instructional design. Our rigorous process for analyzing and creating new online programs works with the academic department around opportunity, need and fit.

Service Catalog

Program Management

  • Program Discovery

    OPS will meet with you to determine (a) how we can help and (b) if your program is viable for the online market. This entry point lets OPS dive into your academic discipline, explore market research, and begin our comprehensive new program questionnaire.

  • Project Management

    We will help launch your program from start to finish, including drafting a program proposal for university approval(s) and conducting market research while offering support services in instructional design, enrollment marketing, and student services. Our team is with every step of the way to bring your program online through our collaborative process.

  • Outreach and Program Support

    OPS is happy to meet with faculty, directors, and staff to answer questions about moving academic program(s) to an online or hybrid modality. Our comprehensive process engages stakeholders at every level of the organization, from deans to faculty, as well as admissions and marketing staff.

  • Vendor and Contracts Management

    Suppose your academic unit needs support from external vendors. In that case, OPS will help find and manage these partnerships for marketing, admissions, recruitment, or student services, including working with the appropriate university offices on contracts management.