Student Success Services

Our student support services provide holistic attention before, during, and after enrollment to produce academic success. Our office offers supplementary services to ensure your students engage and succeed socially, academically, and professionally during their programs. We recognize that fully online students have a unique set of needs, and we work to identify and meet your students' needs.

Service Catalog

Student Success

  • Lifecycle Support
    • One-stop support email/phone line: Students can reach out to the OPS for help with any need or question. Our student success staff will either answer the question or help connect the student to the correct contact, minimizing the need for online students to search for resources to answer questions.
    • Dedicated academic coach: When needed, we can provide additional personalized service around academic coaching, helping to track student needs, gather resources, and act as an ongoing point of encouragement.
  • Enrollment Support

    We can provide outbound email and phone calls ensuring students register online and answer enrollment questions or connect students to school or college enrollment staff.

  • Term Support
    • To supplement ongoing academic support from teaching faculty, we can provide weekly check-ins, study group support, and other high touch engagement to ensure online students feel the same connection and support as face-to-face students.
    • We can also build and send student care packages and similar connection services to increase the bond between online students and their campus.
  • Graduation Support

    The service area includes supporting current career and intern placement offices, working with students on career prep, and supplementing school and college intern and job placement resources.