Winter 2023 Updates

Vaccine Requirements/Non-Medical Exemption

The University continues to have the requirement that everyone stay up-to-date on their vaccinations, per CDC guidelines, which in most cases includes the new bivalent COVID-19 booster. Please upload your vaccine record if you received your bivalent booster off campus (see upload instructions below).

However, we also understand that many people may want or need to make different decisions regarding additional vaccines at this time. If now is not the right time for you to receive an additional vaccine, please file your exemption using these links.

To upload your vaccination records, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into the MyHealth portal.
  2. Select MEDICAL CLEARANCES on the left side bar.
  3. Click UPDATE next to Immunization Record.
  4. Click UPLOAD.
  5. Attach and upload your file(s).
  6. Click SAVE.

DU COVID Measures – Winter Quarter

We use many tools to monitor positivity and transmission on campus, including monitoring wastewater samples from University housing, isolation, contact tracing of all community members who test positive, and required testing for community members who have been exposed to or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.

The public health team monitors the virus daily, including positivity rates, hospitalization rates, and local, state, national, and global data, and, in consultation with DU’s senior leaders and our medical partner, National Jewish Health, we adjust our response as needed.

COVID-19 Testing

PCR testing is available free of charge to all DU community members at the Care Pod during operating hours. Friends and family may also test at the Care Pod for a fee of $30.00 payable by credit card. As in the fall, community members must test at the Care Pod when they have been exposed to COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19 with a home test, are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or for possible early release from isolation.

Home Tests for COVID-19

We have seen an increase in people reporting positive home tests. If you test positive with a home test or an external PCR test you must follow the steps below so that your myhealth account reflects the positive test result. Testing positive for COVID-19 exempts you from exposure testing for 90 days, but you must report the home test results within 48 hours of the positive test and follow the other steps below to receive that exemption.

  1. Email a picture of the home test result to within 48 hours of testing positive.
  2. Test at the DU Care Pod (over break this applies only to those who are local – check website for Care Pod hours)
  3. Follow the isolation instructions and retesting dates sent to you from the contact tracers through a secure message to your myhealth account.

*Note, DU will not accept home tests as proof of a negative test result.

Variants of Concern

DU’s Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory (the Spit Lab) has developed saliva-based testing capabilities for every major variant of concern to date and continuously screens samples for new variants. Currently Omicron, and its multiple sub-variants, is the dominant strain at DU, mirroring the sub-variants found in Denver, in the state, and nationally.


The isolation locations for residential students will remain the same as those in the fall. We will allow students who live in congregate housing with communal bathrooms to leave campus and return to their home to isolate if they are able to safely travel in a personal vehicle. Students who cannot leave campus and return home will isolate in an on-campus facility for at least five days from the date of their positive test and they will be released when they receive instructions from the University.

Students in Fraternity & Sorority Life housing and many residential students with single occupancy bedrooms will isolate in their own rooms.

Non-residential students, faculty, and staff will isolate in their homes.

Winter Quarter Care Pod Hours (New)

The Care Pod is no longer open on weekends. Please check the Spit Lab website for Care Pod hours.

The Care Pod will follow the University hours for closures on holidays and snow closures and delays. However, the Care Pod will be open on Monday, January 2 from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

Medical Coverage for International Travelers (New)

For international travelers, we launched a new and comprehensive medical insurance plan that covers most urgent and emergent medical issues for DU students, faculty and staff traveling internationally for DU business and/or academic-related programs. This will improve our travel record-keeping through an enhanced partnership with International SOS allowing DU to respond to emergencies and COVID-19 cases more efficiently.


We will continue our current approach in the winter quarter, focusing on personal responsibility and providing the DU community with the resources to care for their health, including access to COVID-19 and flu vaccinations, providing unlimited free testing at the Care Pod, requiring testing at the Care Pod for community members who are exposed to, and/or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, performing contact tracing for DU community members, and requiring isolation for those who test positive, in addition to offering ongoing health and safety support for international travelers.