Degree Audit

A Degree Audit is a Web-based tool for students and their advisors/mentors to monitor academic progress toward degree completion. The Degree Audit Worksheet displays a summary of the completion of overall degree requirements. Degree requirements are broken up into cards on the Audit Worksheet. Each Card contains specific degree related information such as major or secondary major, minor, concentration, common curricula and electives.

The Degree Audit Worksheet is intended to be used as an advising tool only; It is not a transcript.

Why a Degree Audit?

A Degree Audit is a web-based tool that provides an unbiased detailed evaluation of a students progress toward degree completion. The Degree Audit outlines program requirements and compares them against a students academic history. The audit is not an official certification of the student’s academic record, such as a transcript, but is a planning tool. Loaded with special features, the degree audit can be used as a mechanism by faculty/staff advisors to supplement advising meetings with students, and by students to plan and monitor their academic journey. The Degree Audit becomes a vital tool for academic planning, course selection, and scheduling and should be used in conjunction with regular advising practices.

How to get a copy of your degree audit?

To access your Degree Audit Worksheet, log into MyDU and navigate to the student tab. Click on the Degree Audit Link. See below for instructions for accessing, printing and interpreting your Degree Audit Worksheet.

              Resource: Degree Audit: Quick Start Guide

              Resource: Degree Audit: Guide for Students

Who is responsible for meeting graduation requirements?

Degree audits are intended to assist students in determining their academic progress. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy; however, final responsibility for meeting graduation requirements resides with the student. Students are encouraged to check with their advisers on a regular basis as they progress towards their degree.