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Solving the Membership Puzzle

Our Partnership

In collaboration with New York University's Membership Puzzle Project, Professor Lynn Schofield Clark worked to support the Colorado Media Project's experimental news partnership, an "Epic Pass" for local news. We believe the research and ingenuity achieved by collaborating with partners like NYU is needed to understand the rapidly shifting media landscape and innovate new methods for driving engagement.

About DU Research

We leverage cross-institutional collaboration to address some of today’s most pressing challenges, producing interdisciplinary solutions that influence policymakers to effectively serve the public good. From Stanford to UChicago to NYU, we’ve refined our collaborative process through years of mutually beneficial relationships with institutions nationwide to understand and address challenges like climate change, HIV and youth homelessness.

DU’s current research efforts have been featured in news outlets like The New York Times. They include…

  • exploring the effects of felony disenfranchisement.
  • employing lasers as the medium for quantum science.
  • using theatre to heal and rehabilitate inmates.

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About the Project

The Colorado Media Project worked on an experimental initiative that created new partnerships for news outlets, with the hope of testing and developing a staged plan for joint marketing, membership and revenue strategies. The project brought together multiple news outlets to design, test and pilot plans for marketing, membership, revenue sharing, and, possibly, content bundling.

This collaboration was made possible through NYU's Membership Puzzle Project, which is working to determine a sustainable path forward for public service journalism.

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Lynn Schofield Clark

Lynn Schofield Clark

Lynn Schofield Clark is Professor and Chair of the Department of Media, Film, and Journalism Studies at the University of Denver and Director of the Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media. She's written several books and articles on the ways digital and mobile media affect the lives of adolescents, along with parenting in the digital age.

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