Staff of Color Association


Our Mission

The Staff of Color Association (SOCA) is committed to promoting the interests and advocating for staff at the University of Denver from historically unrepresented races and ethnicities. We honor and celebrate the diversity of our cultures and actively contribute to the University by:

  • Providing members with a supportive community and brave spaces,
  • Fostering belonging for all intersecting experiences,
  • Sharing knowledge about the campus climate,
  • Providing support for the recruitment of diverse candidates throughout the University, and
  • Establishing meaningful connections between staff, students, and faculty of color.

Our Vision

To establish a culture of acceptance of others free of biases based on differences of any kind through a commitment to individual and organizational efforts to build respect, dignity, fairness, caring, equality, and self-esteem.

Please visit this link to view and download photos from our first in-person meeting of 2021. It was great to see SOCA members back together again.

Staff of Color Association Group Picture 2021
SOCA Group Photo (2021)
Staff of Color Association
SOCA gathered to send a picture to Debbie Mixon Mitchell as she resigned from DU. (2018)