The 4D Constellation

We know that even a small number of important relationships make a consequential difference in one’s life and education. That’s why the University of Denver is committed to ensuring that every student has a relationship-rich education. Our 4D Mentoring and Advising Constellation is meant to provide students with the holistic support that we know is critical to their success.  

At DU, students build out their individualized constellations, based upon their unique interests, needs, and goals. These mentors, advisors, and other supporters help students explore who they are, inspire them to achieve, bolster their confidence, provide access to opportunities and chart purpose-driven pathways forward. It’s an ongoing process of engagement, connection and empowerment that sets the stage for lifelong thriving.  

This is our invitation to a journey – a journey of growth and development, nurtured by the community of faculty, staff, peers and alumni that make DU so special.  

Types of Support

Collectively, the individuals in your constellation offer different forms of support, ranging from emotional support to resource access to feedback to academic and professional development. Each form of support is critical to ensuring your growth and success. In some cases, a mentor or advisor might provide you with multiple forms of support; in others, you may find that different people fill those roles.  

Check out the constellation map to explore the holistic support that your constellation may provide and to determine ways that you might expand your constellation to address any unmet needs.

Expand Your Constellation

Interested in seeking guidance when it comes to particular needs and questions? Check out just some of the ways in which the DU community may support you.

FSEM Faculty Mentor

Your FSEM faculty mentor is ready to help you with:

  • Mapping your intellectual path as a college student 
  • Acclimating to academic life at DU 
  • Planning for classes and major/minor selection 
  • Accessing resources across campus 

Career & Professional Development

Your career advisor is ready to help you with: 

  • Exploring different majors or programs and career paths 
  • Writing your resume or CV  
  • Searching for an internship, on-campus job, and/or job after graduation 
  • Planning for graduate school and preparing applications 
  • Learning how to connect with DU alumni, mentors and others that can help you with your career journey 
  • Preparing for interviews and offer negotiation 

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Health & Counseling Center (HCC)

HCC staff is ready to help you with: 

  • Accessing medical treatment.
  • Securing counseling or therapy services.
  • Gaining strategies for improving well-being and practicing healthy behaviors.
  • Healing from experiences of trauma.
  • Sustaining recovery through peer support and activities.

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Office of Academic Advising

Your academic advisor is ready to help you with: 

  • Exploring your interests, goals, and abilities, and connecting them to your academic majors/minor. 
  • Reviewing your progress toward graduation. 
  • Understanding DU academic policies and procedures.  
  • Getting connected to campus resources.  
  • Completing course selection and clearance for next quarter registration.  

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A student success coach is ready to help you with: 

  • Identifying and creating an action plan for achieving your goals.  
  • Developing your academic study, organization, and time-management skills. 
  • Connecting to campus and community resources, opportunities, and affinity groups. 
  • Discovering your interests, passions, and motivations. 

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Office of Financial Aid

Your financial aid advisor is ready to help you with: 

  • Exploring types of financial aid available and applying for financial aid. 
  • Accepting and managing your financial aid package. 
  • Pursuing summer financial aid. 
  • Accessing resources to support financial management and wellness. 
  • Learning more about managing and repaying loans. 

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Office of International Education (OIE)

Your study abroad advisor is ready to help you with: 

  • Discussing and exploring study abroad opportunities. 
  • Exploring the variety of study abroad options that exist, including internships, field research, volunteering, and more. 
  • Learning about opportunities to live and work abroad after graduation.
  • Identifying financial and diversity resources to help you prepare for your unique study abroad experience. 

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