4D Symposium

The 4D Symposium is designed to bring together the campus community—faculty, students, and staff—to learn more about the Four Dimensional (4D) Experience and share experiences, progress, and models around elevating this work. We hope this event will inspire our community to support holistic learning and development experiences for by integrating the four dimensions: advancing intellectual growth, exploring character, promoting well-being, and pursuing careers and lives of purpose.

The 2024 Symposium is May 9-10. Register now:

Featured Sessions

Note that all sessions are open to all community members; highlights and tracks below are only suggestions. Many more sessions are listed at the sessions, schedule, and registration link above.


  • May 9 Lunch Keynote: "How to Find and Live Your Calling" with Dr. Bryan Dik, Psychologist and Professor, CSU
  • May 10 Stars in Our Constellation Lunch, presenting mentoring awards and recognition within the DU community

Lunches are free and registration is limited

Faculty Track Highlights

  • 4D-ifying Course Design: Connecting the 4D Experience to Course Design
    Erin Willer, PhD, 4D Director of Faculty Innovation and Professor of Communications
  • Cultivating Compassion: Strategies for Enabling Individual and Collective Compassion
    Cris Tietsort, PhD, 4D Faculty Fellow of Character and Assistant Professor of Communications

Student Track Highlights

  • Inspire Integrity
    Corey Ciocchetti, JD, Professor, Daniels College of Business
  • Fellowship Fairy Tales: 4D Student Stories About Fellowship Quests, Myths, and Even Some Happy Endings
    Lindsay Lawton, PhD, Director of Scholar Development & Fellowship Advising
    Savannah Pine, PhD, Fellowships Advisor

Staff Track Highlights

  • Evolving the HRIC Mentor Program Roundtable
    Andrea Groth, Employee Experience Coach, Human Resources & Inclusive Community
  • You are Part of a Student's Constellation: Turning Transactional Moments into Transformational Conversations
    McKenzie Mohler, Director of Student Success Operations
    Michele Tyson, EdD, Clinical Associate Professor, Director of Faculty Advising
    Allison Weihrauch, MA, Associate Director, Academic Advising
    Allyson Mackender, Student Success Coordinator