Understand Your Bill

Find all the information you need to understand your bill, including fees, health insurance, tax information and refunds.

Billing Deadlines

The 1st bill for all Fall terms is sent in August. The 1st bill for Winter Quarter and Spring Semester is sent in December. The 1st bill for Spring Quarter is sent in March. The 1st bill for Summer Semester is sent in May and the 1st bill for Summer Quarter is sent in June.

A late payment fee equal to the greater of $75.00 or 1.5% of the unpaid balance may be assessed each month that a Student Account has an overdue outstanding balance. The late payment fee will accrue monthly until the outstanding balance is paid in full.

  • Quarter Due Dates
    • Summer Quarter 2021 - 06/22/2021
    • Fall Quarter 2021 - 08/22/2021
    • Winter Quarter 2022 - 12/22/2021
    • Spring Quarter 2022 - 03/22/2022
    • Summer Quarter 2022 - 06/22/2022
  • Interterm Due Dates
    • Winter Interterm 2021 - 11/22/2021
    • Spring Interterm 2022 - 03/22/2022
  • Semester Due Dates
    • Summer Semester 2021 - 05/22/2021
    • Fall Semester 2021 - 08/22/2021
    • Spring Semester 2022 - 12/22/2021
    • Summer Semester 2022 - 05/22/2022

Understanding Your Cost of Attendance

Our cost of attendance pages provide you with both a rundown of tuition-specific costs as well as a larger, more holistic look at the direct and indirect costs of your DU experience.


Curious about what the technology or student activity fees cover? Concerned about late fees? Explore our fee page for all the info you need.

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Student Health Insurance

Learn about the Student Health Insurance Plan, the Health & Counseling Fee and participation options for each.

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Financial Aid Refunds

Find all the information you need on Financial Aid refunds, eligibility and disbursement.

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Tax Information and Assistance

Learn how to find tax assistance and fill out the 1098-T form.

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