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Our Future is Together - Why Space Matters

The Denver Advantage has always been about students. It’s about robust faculty engagement and support from experienced staff members. It’s about a holistic experience that meets the needs of today’s students and prepares them to lead lives and careers of purpose.

We start with three physical spaces to nurture active minds and encourage engaging conversations. We envision an environment bustling with engaged discourse and nightly activity where students converse and collaborate with one another, with faculty and staff, alumni and neighbors. These are spaces where the connection to DU is not found on an ID card or inside the boarders of campus, but in the common threads found in solving real-world issues, attending a hockey game or sipping a coffee at the new neighborhood café.

And it all stems directly from our strategic vision - DU IMPACT 2025 - as a radical transformation of higher education and the student experience.


  • housing

    First-year residence hall
    Making good on our commitment to incoming students

  • community

    Community Commons
    Creating more space to thrive

  • service

    Career Achievement Center
    Preparation for the future starts on day one

  • Master Plan

    DU District
    Evolving with our community

Undergraduate female students walking through summer time campus

New Spaces, New Experience, New Community

Based on feedback we received from hundreds of students, faculty, staff, alumni, neighbors and critics during our listening tours of DU IMPACT 2025, we're immediately working to create a First-Year Residence Hall, Community Commons and Career Achievement Center all scheduled to open for fall 2020.

Beyond these three new buildings, the University of Denver is working with our community to identify areas and occasions for increased community engaged research and collaboration. We're also in the planning stages for the development of a vibrant and inclusive DU District, where we'll strive to blur the boundaries between campus and the surrounding city. This long term part of our vision will take decades to be fully achieved.  

Denver Advantage Milestones


We're Listening

Over 700 community members participated in our May kickoff. Here are just a few things we learned.


Respondents want to see more outdoor spaces and cafes on campus, with social spaces, dining and a market on the edges of campus.


Humanities garden with lily pads

Secret Garden

Respondents cited the Harper Humanities Garden as a favorite spot on campus, along with Anderson Academic Commons and Carnegie Green.



20 percent of respondents identified graduate housing options as a top priority.


Upcoming Denver Advantage Forum – October 17 and 18

Join us in late October to hear our progress and give your input.