Doctor of Philosophy

Khaled S. Alatawi*
BS, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia
MS, University of Denver
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Highly Efficient Gan-Based Single-Phase Transformer-Less PV Grid-Tied Inverter

Amani Hussain Y. Alfaifi**
BACHEL, Taif University, Saudi Arabia
MS, University of Denver
Nanoscale Science & Engineering: Investigating New Methods to Develop Perovskite Solar Cells

Saleh Salem H. Alharbi
MS, University of Colorado Denver
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Experimental Investigation of Low-Voltage Silicon Carbide (SiC) Semiconductor Devices for Power Conversion Applications

Wafa Saud AlJuaid**
BS, Taif University, Saudi Arabia
MS, University of Denver
Materials Science: Thermally Driven Spin Transport in Ferromagnetic Metals

Ahmad Saad Almadhor*
BSED, Al-Jouf University, Saudi Arabia
MENG, University of South Carolina
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Proactive Monitoring, Anomaly Detection and Forecasting of Solar Photovoltaic Systems Using Artificial Neural Networks

Nikolai A. Alvarado
BA, California State University, Fullerton
MA, University of Denver
Geography: Urban Informality, Environmental Xenophobia, and Infrastructures of Citizenship: The Political Live of Nicaraguan Migrants in the Informal Settlement of La Carpio, Costa Rica

Brittanie E. Atteberry Ash
BA, BS, Metropolitan State University of Denver
MSW, University of Michigan
Social Work: Social work, social justice, and the causes to which we are called: Attitudes, ally behavior, and activism

Richard Selorm Ayikpoe*
BS, University of Ghana, Ghana
Chemistry: New Insights into Mycofactocin Biosynthesis, Structure and Function

Joshua Charles Baldwin
BA, Indiana State University
MAS, New Mexico State University
Geography: Urban Green Space: Mitigator or Multiplier of Inequality in the Denver Metropolitan Area?

Jennifer Sparkman Bartee
BA, BM, BME, University of Northern Colorado
MM, Johns Hopkins University
Education: Curriculum & Instruction: Creating Life-long Relationships with the Arts: A Caring Philosophical Approach

Rachel Korrine Bennet
BS, University of Northern Colorado
Physics: 2D Confinement of Thermal Gradients in Metallic Nonlocal Spin Valves

Heather Michelle Blizzard
BA, Guilford College
MA, University of Denver
Research Methods & Statistics: Social Support among Undergraduate Students: Measure Development and Validation

Sajjid Budhwani
WBH, WMH, University of Mumbai, India
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies: School Facet Through Surrounding Factors: A Geospatial Analysis of Community Social Capital Impacting Elementary Public Schools

Vincent James Carafano IV
BA, New Mexico State University
MA, University of Denver
English: ACACIA, a Book of Wonders, or the Meditations of Fontaine Caldwell, containing the true account of her captivity as written in her little books

Margaret Meta Choice-Hermosillo
BA, Lawrence University
EDS, University of Denver
Child, Family, and School Psychology: Pivotal Perceptions: A Phenomenological Exploration of Trauma-Informed Practices in an Urban School

Lilith Zoe Cole*
BA, University of Redlands
JD, University of Denver
Religious/Theological Studies: Critiquing Atomistic Individualism in Law: Rosenzweig's Beloved Soul as Open and Relational Subject

Jeffrey John Colgren
BA, University of Illinois at Chicago
BS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Biological Sciences: The Early Evolution of Contractile Tissue in Animals

Rebecca Cottrell
BA, MA, Brigham Young University
MLIS, University of Southern Mississippi
Education: Curriculum & Instruction: Student Outcomes in Online and Face-to-face Classes

Suzanne Delap**
BA, University of Pennsylvania
EDS, University of Northern Colorado
Child, Family, and School Psychology: Educational Achievement, Engagement, and Persistence in Choctaw Nation: A Study of the Success Through Academic Recognition Program

Alexander John Dufford
BS, Pennsylvania State University
MA, University of Denver
Psychology: Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Brain Structure in Adulthood

Patricia Shawn Fawson*
BA, University of Utah
MDIV, Iliff School of Theology
Religious/Theological Studies: Sustaining Lamentation in Traumatic Grief Through the Contemporary Elegy: A Practical Theology of the Poetics of Testimony

Huanghao Feng
BE, Suzhou University of Science and Technology, People's Republic of China
MS, University of Denver
Electrical & Computer Engineering: XYLO-BOT: A Music Platform for Children with Autism in Social Interactions and Affective Computing

Carrie Lee Forbes
BA, Western Michigan University
WMH, Indiana University, Bloomington
MA, University of Denver
Education: Curriculum & Instruction: Portraits of Professional Collaboration: Faculty/Librarian Teaching Partnerships

Dylan Hunt Fudge
BS, University of Denver
Molecular & Cellular Biophysics: Quantification of Mitochondrial Zinc Homeostasis and Analysis of Zinc and Polyamine-Mediated Axonal Trafficking

Grant Howard Goble
BA, Texas Christian University
Education: Curriculum & Instruction: The Impact of a High School Theatre Arts Program on Student Academic Outcomes & Non-Academic Outcomes: A Case Study

Caleb Jeffrey Green
BA, MA, Ball State University
Communication Studies: Performative Constructions of an Able, Academic Mind

Roger Kurt Green
BA, Metropolitan State University of Denver
MH, University of Colorado Denver
PHD, University of Denver
Religion: Ayahuasca's Religious Diaspora in the Wake of the Doctrine of Discovery

Gregory J. Grobmeier
BS, The University of Arizona
MA, Arizona State University

Yi Gu
BE, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, People's Republic of China
MS, University of Denver
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Renewable Energy Integration in Distribution System - Synchrophasor Sensor Based Big Data Analysis, Visualization and System Operation

Jun Hao
BENG, BS, Jiangnan University, People's Republic of China
MS, University of Denver
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Smart Grid Energy Management & Optimization through Deep Reinforcement Learning

Sarhan Hasan
BACHEL, MSC, University of Tripoli, Libya
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Microgrid-enabled reactive power support to enhance grid economics

Behzad Hasani
BS, Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology, Iran
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Automated Recognition of Facial Affect Using Deep Neural Networks

Wassan Saad Abduljabbar Hayale
BSC, MSC, Al-Nahrain University, Iraq
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Deep Siamese Neural Networks for Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild

Christine N. Henderson*
BS, Florida Institute Tech
MA, Villanova University
Engineering: Protection of high voltage transformer Bushings and other brittle structures against impact

Michelle Serena Sánchez Favela
BA, University of Colorado Denver
MED, Arizona State University

Aaron Jeremy Iñuuraq Hudyma*
BA, Minnesota State University, Mankato
MS, South Dakota State University
Counseling Psychology: The Role of Psychological Flexibility in Graduate Student Stress and Well-Being

Elisabeth M. Kinsey
BA, Metropolitan State University of Denver
MA, Regis University
English: Female Bildung Before Goethe: An Early Modern Rogue's Endowment

Joseph Ryan Kopacz
BS, MS, Colorado State University
Mechanical Engineering: Satellite Constellation Deployment and Management

Brian Andrew Laidlaw
BA, Stanford University
MA, MFA, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
English: Human Verses Mountain: Climbing, Language, and the Liveliness of Stone

Wanda Lakota
BS, Regis University
MSS, University of Denver
Communication Studies: The Colored Pill: A History Film Performance Exposing Race Based Medicines

Cari Ann Ledger
BA, Michigan State University
EDS, University of Denver
Child, Family, and School Psychology: Prolonged recovery from a concussion:  The lived experience of the adolescent student athlete

Natalie Denise Lewis
BA, Colorado College
MA, Temple University
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies: Brokering Access, Belief and Opportunities: A Phenomenology of Black Principals’ Leadership Through a Racialized Lens

Julia Neille Madsen
BA, University of Iowa
MFA, Brown University
English: Home Movie, Nowhere

Mohsen Mahoor**
BASC, Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Iran
MS, University of Tehran, Iran
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Aggregated Der Management in Advanced Distribution Grids

Randall Craig Mazzarino
BS, Towson University
Molecular & Cellular Biophysics: Cellular and organismal ramifications of de novo purine synthesis dysregulation

Taisha Janee' McMickens
BA, MA, California State University, San Bernardino
Communication Studies: A Black Feminist Quare Interrogation of Stud Misogyny in Black Queer Webseries

Joseph E. McPeak
BS, Rhodes College
Chemistry: Application and Methodology Development in Digital EPR

Laura Ascherl Morris
BS, MED, Texas State University

Alicia Mountain
BA, Barnard College - Columbia University
MA, University of Montana
English: Dirt Amendment

Shaundi C. Newbolt
BA, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis
MA, Florida Atlantic University
Communication Studies: Dis/Ableist Consumption: A Critical Thematic Analysis of Avowed and Ascribed Neuro-Identities in the Classroom

Miranda Dottie Olzman
BA, San Francisco State University

Emily Pettit
BA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
English: Making Faces

Justin Matthew Petucci
BS, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
MS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Physics: Gas Adsorption in Carbon Nanohorns: Equilibrium and Kinetics

Moira Kate Pryhoda
BSCH, University of Denver
MS, Colorado School of Mines
Engineering: A longitudinal examination of biomechanical balance and quantitative multidomain assessments during recovery following sport-related concussion

Adam Gregory Purcilly
BS, St Peters University
MS, University of Denver
Mathematics: Discrepancy inequalities in graph theory and their applications

Khadijah Queen*
BA, University of Mayland, University College
MA, Antioch University Los Angeles
English: Radical Poetics

Patrick Daniel Riordan, Jr.
BA, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
MS, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
Education: Curriculum & Instruction: Navigating Uncharted Waters: Exploring the Social and Emotional Competence of First-Year Teachers

Taryn Courtney Robertson
BA, Southwestern University
Education: Curriculum & Instruction: Culturally Familiar Texts to Improve Reading and Writing Outcomes for High School English Language Learners: An Explanatory Sequential Mixed Methods Study

Kady Rost
BA, MS, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Research Methods & Statistics: A Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Substance Use and Positive Peer Support

Mohamed Saad Saad
BSC, Bright Star University of Technology, Libya
MS, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, People's Republic of China
Materials Science: Observations of New Particle Formation In the Northern Hemisphere at Altitudes from 4 to 20 km

Joseph Salazar**
Chemistry: Iron in Urban Air Pollution

Alicia Brianna Saxe*
BA, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Education: Curriculum & Instruction: Alliances and Accomplices Rise: A Critical Look at a Partnership with a School Serving an Indigenous Community

Nicholas Daniel Schau
BSW, MSW, University of Kansas
Social Work: Family Support Impact on Homelessness Among Former Drug Offenders

Selma Jolanda Eikelenboom-Schieveld**
BACHEL, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Biological Sciences: Human Genetics, Psychotropic Drugs, and Acts of Violence

Nicole Marie Shoup*
BS, Colorado School of Mines
MS, University of Colorado Denver
Chemistry: Lewis Base Promoted Annulations of Allenoates with 1, 4- Naphthoquinones

Jason Anthony St. Mary
BS, Arizona State University
MSW, University of Denver
Social Work: “The Gates are Closed Here”: A Mixed Methods Study Examining the Lived Experiences of Black South African Township Youth

Sasha Tamar Strelitz
BA, Nova Southeastern University
MA, University of Central Florida
English: Electric Romanticism: Prosody and Protest in Twentieth Century America

Benjamin E. Swanson*
BS, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Chemistry: Development and Characterization of an Inexpensive Single- Particle Fluorescence Spectrometer for Detection and Classification of Pollen and Other Bioaerosols

Dennis James Sweeney, Jr.
BA, Washington University in St. Louis
MFA, Oregon State University
English: The Last Remedy

Brandon Lee Coles-Taylor
BA, Lawrence University
Chemistry: Controlling Transition Metal Catalyzed Alkyne Annulations Utilizing Polarized Ynol Ethers

Rachel E. Taylor
BS, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
MA, Middle Tennessee State University

David Mark Thomas
BA, Concordia College
MA, University of Memphis
Communication Studies: Rhetorical Genealogy and the Ethics of Eugenics

Britney Marie Tibbits*
BA, University of Maryland, College Park
MA, University of Denver
Counseling Psychology: Exploring the Role of Relapse for Women in Recovery from an Eating Disorder

Xuantong Wang
BS, University of California, Berkeley
MA, MEPM, University of Pennsylvania
Geography: Using Multi-Source Data to Assess the Dynamics of Socioeconomic Development in Africa

Tamara DeShawn White
BSBA, University of Denver
MS, Western Illinois University
Higher Education: College, at What Cost? African American Women Undergraduate Students’ Perception of Institutional Policy Levers

Melanie Renee Witt
BA, University of Hawaii at Manoa
MA, Colorado State University
Education: Curriculum & Instruction: Picking Myself Up - Professional Stress, Pregnancy Loss, and Self-Care: An Auto-Criticism of a University Teacher's Life