COMN 2040: Inclusive Community: Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Action

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As students, we know that you seek to think big and innovate, make an impact, and disrupt systems! We know you are honing your skills in connecting with others, presenting your ideas, and developing the practice of diplomacy and relationship-building; and we want to share a unique course opportunity with you that is available this Spring 2023 that can give you a space to explore, create, and practice your skills here on DU’s campus!

Learn product development and pitching, elevator speech creation, project management, marketing skills, and more in a fun, innovative space as you plan and implement the Langar@DU event. The event is one of the largest gatherings of the DU community on campus. Last year, students designed and developed the Langar@DU welcoming 800 people to DU’s campus! The Langar@DU is planned by the students in partnership with DU's Community + Values initiative, the Colorado Sikhs, and local social justice coalitions. Learn more here:

Register now for COMN 2040: Inclusive Community: Cross-Collaboration in Action.* This course is only taught once a year. Register early to ensure a spot. Learn more:

*This course fulfills the Service Leadership and Pioneer Leadership requirements. In addition, this course counts toward the Applied Communication in Personal & Public Contexts requirement for Communication Major and Minor degrees. This course also fills an elective for all DU undergraduate students. 

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Langer@DU COMN 2040 Course Flyer Spring 2023 Inclusive Community: Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Action
Langer@DU COMN 2040 Course Flyer Spring 2023 Inclusive Community: Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Action

This course is an experience of cross-cultural collaboration and communication with internal DU partners and local community leaders. Through the encounters provided in the course, you will serve the public good and make a difference through unity and diversity modeled on the Sikh Langar, an expression of shared humanistic values in the public sphere resisting division, violence, and bigotry.

This dynamic experience incorporates a multi-disciplinary, community-based approach reflecting proven new product launch, service delivery, project management, and implementation business frameworks. You will develop a critical and compassionate lens into how and why dialogue, as a communicative construct, enables cross-cultural connection in service of meaningful public collaboration.

The course culminates with the Langar@DU on DU’s campus, providing an immersive experience realizing the values of diversity, peace and co-existence through communication in action. Each student will share in the experience of unified community and actively participate in Langar@DU’s preparation and success. Upon completion of the course, you will have gained practical skills to engage professionally and effectively with external partners in order to enhance business and civic relationships and maximize the value of shared goals