Mental Health & Mindfulness

A Community Approach

This page provides resources that are actively focusing on how you can practice mental wellness and mindfulness in community with others during these times.

Battling virtual fatigue? Feeling disconnected from your community? The C+V team knows the feeling all too well. Sometimes we can feel burnt out, fatigued, and unmotivated, and it feels like we are all on our own; however, one way to build resilience and take care of your mental health and wellness is to connect with fellow community members! Whether you’re a beginner, or meditate every week, we encourage you to reach out to fellow community members –a colleague, friend, or classmate – and schedule a time during the week to check in and reset together.

*Please note, this list is a starting point for learning more about this topic. C+V does not endorse any specific product, service, or platform, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided. *Additionally, if you wish to see the YouTube videos in full-screen with captions, select "YouTube" on the video, and it will lead you to the site.

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Mental Health & Community

Tips for taking care of your mental health and wellness in community:
  • Call, text, or email a friend, classmate, colleague, or family member and agree to a time to meditate - then check in with each other about how it went. Creating an accountability relationship can help you stay on track.
  • Schedule a meeting with friends, colleagues, or family - make time for it in your schedule like any other appointment or meeting; if you miss one, be kind to yourself, and then commit to getting back on track.
  • Frame it as a "want to" versus a "need to." By reframing your language, it becomes less of a task and more of a reward or treat.
  • YouTube provides a number of free meditation sessions - screen share with a friend if you want and jump on together.

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10-Minute Meditation For Stress

C+V Community Talks: Compassion Meditation: Taking a Break Together

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DU Resources

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    DU Health & Counseling Center

    The mission of the University of Denver Health & Counseling Center is to enhance overall student well-being and success through inclusive physical and mental healthcare, prevention, education, advocacy, and recovery support services.

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    HRIC: Employee Well-Being Tools & Resources

    Visit HRIC's website to find out about free classes on mindfulness, meditation, Zumba, and other topics. Additionally find information on apps and benefits available to employees.

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    HRIC: Well@DU 

    Find mental health resources and information including info on coping with lockdown, connecting with family, and more.

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    DU Health Promotion: Moments of Mindfulness

    Brought to you by Health Promotion's Thrive Peer Educators, Moments of Mindfulness provides a variety of regularly scheduled mindfulness activities for students. The goal of the program is to encourage students to practice self-care, reduce stress, and connect with others through activities like arts and crafts, yoga, and more.

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    DU Health Promotion: Mental Health Resources

    The site houses resources that you may find helpful. Please note that the Health & Counseling Center is unable to endorse any particular resource that is listed or guarantee the accuracy of information provided.

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    Graduate School of Professional Psychology

    Visit here to learn more about GSPP, including their programs, class offerings, activities, events, and more!

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