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"The University of Denver will be a great private university dedicated to the public good."

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At the University of Denver, we conduct research and scholarship and develop programs that make a difference in our local, national and global communities. We're a private institution, and we're dedicated to the public good.

We live up to this commitment by engaging with the community through teaching and scholarship and building strong, long-term relationships through community organizing. We're also dedicated to performing research that focuses on improving individual lives and taking on the great issues of our day.

Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning
CCESL's mission is to educate, engage and equip the campus community to accomplish tangible, public work that improves the lives of people in our communities. The center does this through a wide range of community-engaged learning programs, including community service, student training, faculty development, and relationship building with community organizations. 

> Learn more about CCESL and its programs.

Life-changing research
Throughout the University, our faculty and students are working to solve some of society's biggest challenges. By examining the great issues of today, our faculty and students are having a real-world impact across any number of disciplines. 

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