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About DU Zone

The DU Zone Program was launched as a DU Athletics and Recreation initiative in 2010. Objectives of this program are to enhance University of Denver outreach in the metropolitan Denver community, help build in-store traffic, increase sales for businesses and sponsors, invite and encourage alumni engagement, and introduce DU constituents to participating businesses offering special offers.

DU Zone participation is affiliated with the Daniels College of Business, the Daniel L. Ritchie Center for Sports and Wellness, Conferencing and Event Services, the Newman Center for the Performing Arts, the Leo Block Alumni Center and Public Service Credit Union—the official sponsor of the DU Zone program.


Business partnerships within the DU Zone provide a variety of opportunities for businesses and sponsors. These include co-branding opportunities with the University of Denver, increased business traffic and sales, networking opportunities, workshop opportunities, eNewsletter communications—which provide information about DU programs, conferences, activities and special events—opportunities to be introduced to faculty, staff and University resources, and new opportunities for additional business collaborations.

DU Zone cardholders benefit by receiving discount offers and added value provided by participating DU Zone businesses.