Classroom Tech Support

In anticipation of the summer quarter and new academic year, IT began analyzing existing technologies within teaching and learning spaces across campus in early May 2020. A plan for technology enhancements was formulated to accommodate multiple pedological styles and a variety of teaching modalities. Through this initiative, approximately 286 spaces were identified as potential teaching and learning locations. Of these spaces, approximately 15% had technology that included cameras and microphones. Contingent upon teaching modalities, some of these locations needed to be enhanced depending on the types of equipment already existing within the space. With quick support from the Chancellor and Provost’s Offices, IT immediately began procurement of equipment to avoid the potential of diminished supplies and to get in front of manufacturer demands. 

IT procured flat panels with built-in cameras and microphones on adjustable height carts, and all-in-one camera and microphone devices that will be integrated with existing technologies in a variety of spaces. All these devices can be moved, as needed, to accommodate the identified learning spaces, and are designed with the intent to complement teaching and learning. There are additional spaces that will need technology enhancements; however, many of these locations are smaller rooms that may not be able to be used due to capacity limits. IT will still prioritize these locations in coordination with the divisions, the Registrar’s Office, and Facilities Management. 

Once the fall term begins, IT will regularly assess DU classroom technology, as there may need to be additional integrated equipment for learning spaces. In addition, IT will continue to maintain and support our infrastructure on campus as well as in our virtual environment, with a strong emphasis to manage our ever-growing digital campus. IT staff are available for one-on-one consultation as instructors adapt to the new technology.