Fall Return to Campus Procedures

Substantial evidence—from the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, public health officials across the nation, our epidemiologists from NJH, as well as our own in-depth modeling—shows that the more we do upfront, the more we can contain the virus. 

Here is what we are requiring of our students BEFORE returning to campus in Fall 2020: 

Notification of fall campus return date

All students, faculty and staff who will be on campus in the fall must identify their fall campus return date in PioneerWeb.

If you are student living on campus, your move-in date will be the week of September 7. Housing and Residential Education (HRE) will send individual letters to students later today with their specific room assignment and assigned move-in time. Students in a University-owned or operated Fraternity and Sorority facility will work with their chapter leadership and the Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) staff on their move-in time. HRE will also reach out to students living in any off-campus, University-owned or operated facilities.

We are making this a requirement to carefully manage and stagger the return to campus and minimize the chance of infection. 

Responsibility Course

To ensure we are all well informed of our plan, the entire DU community must complete the Trail Back to Campus course in Canvas before their arrival date on campus and no later than August 14th for the Law School, August 24th for all first-year and transfer students, and September 10th for the rest of campus. More information about this course will be shared with the Sturm College of Law community this week and with the rest of our community by August 15th. 

Pre-arrival quarantine

For 14 days before their arrival date, all students and visiting family members (for move-in only), faculty and staff are required to quarantine. During this time, you should remain home and avoid physical contact with others except those you live with. 

The behavior of those already on campus is expected to align with what we are strongly recommending for our students—following all social distancing and facial covering protocols, washing hands frequently, and not engaging in large group activities or settings. 

If you are unable to quarantine before returning to campus because it is not feasible due to other responsibilities, and in particular our students who may be working or in training during the weeks just prior to the return to campus, we encourage minimal contact as much as possible. Avoid large gatherings and social events, maintain a six-foot distance between yourself and others, use a face covering, refrain from touching your face, and practice vigilant hand washing. These practices are essential during the duration of the pandemic, but they should be attended to particularly rigorously the 14 days before a return to campus. 

If you are arriving from abroad, regardless of your nationality, you are required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the U.S. 

Symptom Monitoring

During the 14 days before arrival, students will be required to answer questions regarding potential COVID-19 symptoms, exposure to the virus, and adherence to quarantine protocols each day. The symptom monitoring protocol will increase to twice daily once students have returned to campus and will continue for as long as they remain on campus. 

To accomplish this monitoring, everyone in the DU community is expected to download a smartphone app (on a phone, computer, or tablet) that will support daily symptom monitoring and allow us to quickly contact-trace should someone in our community test positive for COVID-19. 

Pre-arrival Testing

Prior to arrival on campus, all students must take an RT-PCR test for the virus that causes COVID-19. We know that many of our law school students and faculty are returning to campus on August 17th, and to the Auraria Student Lofts beginning August 12th. We will work closely with you to enable a safe and timely return. 

  • If you will be in Denver | You may provide a validated negative molecular test result for the virus that causes COVID-19 from a location of your choosing collected during your 14-day quarantine window. If you prefer, you will be assigned a testing date and time via DU and our health partner, NJH, to take the test in Denver, administered by a trained medical professional. Your preference will be asked in the pioneerweb link referenced above for arrival date. More information about how to submit your test results or to request a testing assignment in Denver will be forthcoming shortly. 
  • If you will be outside Denver | If you will be outside of the Denver metro area during the 14-days before your fall arrival date, we encourage you to complete a test at a testing location in your area and provide the verified results to us. Here is a link of locations where testing is available here

Testing on campus is free to students, faculty and staff. For those outside Denver, we will make emergency funds available to students for whom testing costs would pose an undue hardship. 

If you test positive, we strongly encourage you to immediately contact a healthcare provider and require you to delay your arrival on campus until: 

  • Ten days have passed since your first symptoms; and 
  • You are fever-free for 24 hours (without medication); and 
  • Symptoms have improved; or if asymptomatic, 10 days have passed since your positive test result and you have not developed symptoms consistent with a COVID infection 

If you test negative, you may return to campus on your selected return date as planned, having followed all quarantine protocols listed above. Proof of a negative test and adherence to symptom and quarantine monitoring will be required in order to bypass the testing and quarantine protocols upon return to campus. 

If you have been exposed to someone known or presumed to have COVID-19, this will trigger the same requirements as a positive test, including delaying your travel and return to campus for 14 days. 

Travel Requirements

During your travel to campus, everyone is expected to take careful precautions, including wearing a face covering at all times, practicing excellent hand hygiene, avoiding face touching and, wherever possible, maintaining a six-foot distance from others. 

All community members are expected to follow our existing travel restrictions— specifically the restrictions against international travel or to any location considered a “hotspot” for the duration of the fall term. If you must travel to these locations, you will need to remain off campus and follow the quarantine guidelines outlined above for 14 days. 

Once You are on Campus

If you follow the university protocols, test negative and are free of symptoms you can expect to be in your classes as anticipated and enjoy your face-to-face experiences observing all social distancing and facial covering protocols, as well as other stated precautions. 

If you were not able to meet all the pre-arrival requirements including testing, you will be required to take an RT-PCR test on your first day on campus. DU will administer these tests in coordination with NJH. Until test results are received, students will be required to quarantine either in their dorm room if in a single, or in an off-campus house or apartment if they have their own bedroom. To be connected to area hotels with discounted University rates, please contact COVIDcoordinator@du.edu.

Regular testing and contact tracing: We will re-test high-risk individuals (athletes, those living in multi-person rooms in on- or off-campus housing, etc.) within seven days after their arrival on campus. This will be paid for by DU.

Additionally, we will conduct random surveillance testing of students, faculty and staff each week, again, at no charge to individuals. This ongoing testing across the term is an important step to monitor and protect our community.