• What is the expectation for in-person classes and work in Fall of 2021?

    The Chancellor expects a full return to working on campus by September 2021—or the beginning of the fall quarter or semester. The needs of individual schools, units or departments may vary—as well as the circumstances of individuals within those schools, units or departments. 

Work From Home

Continuity of Pay

  • What is the vacation leave bank?

    On May 1, DU began a new voluntary vacation leave bank donation program, which was initiated by the Staff Advisory Council (SAC). This program, modeled after similar programs around the country, allows staff members who wish to donate all or some of their remaining 2019–20 vacation time (available through June 30, 2020) to a shared bank for those who have exhausted their leave balances.

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  • Will we receive worker's compensation?

    For worker's compensation to cover Covid-19, the employee must show direct transmission from an individual in a classroom or workplace, i.e., proven transmission through contact tracing. Our carrier, Pinnacle Assurance, will make determinations if COVID-19 is covered, not DU.

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