Event Working Group

Charge: This working group will make recommendations to implement a centralized, efficient and client-centric approach to event planning and management. The group will utilize existing data and research to recommend policies and procedures regarding scheduling, space usage, internal re-charges, external sales, contracts, service agreements, event sponsorship, calendar and event software. Building on the Hill Group’s Planning and Processing Improvement report, this group will recommend opportunities for event staff realignment and collaboration to better serve internal and external clients and maximize impact on the University’s mission.

Timeframe: The working group will make its recommendations by March 19, 2021


  • Amanda Fudala

    Executive Director, Conference & Event Services


  • Sarah Adams

    Scheduling Manager, Conference & Event Services

  • Rohini Ananthakrishnan

    Associate Vice Chancellor, Enterprise Application Services, IT

  • Andryn Arithson

    Director of Business & Operations, Newman Center

  • Dennis Becker


  • Chris Bennett

    Executive Director, Shared Services

  • Jenny Cox

    Director of Events, Advancement

  • Stu Halsall

    Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer, Athletics & Recreation

  • Mike Holt

    Director, Campus Safety

  • Franklin Jackson

    Director of Digital Media Services, IT

  • Suzanne Kern

    Assistant General Counsel

  • Laura Miller

    Communications & Events Manager, CAHSS

  • Stacy Moore

    Director of Operations, Knoebel Events

  • Tammy Schneider

    Director of Business & Operations, Shared Services

  • Jessie Stellini

    Associate Director, Student Engagement

  • Allan Wilson

    Director of Auxiliaries & Real Estate, Facilities Management