IT Efficiencies and Redundancies Working Group

Charge: This working group will review and analyze software—including cost, risk, and potential redundancies—currently in use at the University to streamline processes and ensure approved terms and conditions. This working group will also provide education to the community on software use and implementation, including creating transparent governance structures, policies and guidance on software purchasing, as well as refining processes for software procurement and tracking budgets and spending.  


  • This group will report recommendations to the chancellor by February 28, 2021
  • This group will submit software purchase policy to Policy Advisory Committee by March 15, 2021


  • Rohini Ananthakrishnan 

    Assistant Vice Chancellor, IT 



  • Gary Starling 

    Interim Vice Chancellor and Chief Technology Officer 

  • Dennis Becker  


  • Cathey Barbee 

    Assistant Vice Chancellor, Advancement Services 

  • Chris Bennett 

    Executive Director, Shared Services 

  • Tiffany Wen 

    Director, Internal Audit 

  • Janet Burkhardt 

    Director, Student Financial Services 

  • Bobbie Kite 

    Healthcare Leadership Academic Director and Assistant Dean, University College 

  • Josh Davies 

    Heath of Information Technology, Morgridge College of Education  

  • Dan Pittman 

    Associate Professor, Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science  

  • Leanne Bokinskie 

    Assistant Dean, Daniels College of Business 

  • Kim Pham 

    Information Technologies Librarian, University Libraries 

  • Laleh Mehran 

    Director or Emergent Digital Practices and Professor, College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences