Complex Times, Expert Teaching

Troubled times demand expert teaching. Confronting not only a pandemic but social, economic, ethical, and personal challenges, DU's students can expect the best possible learning experiences.  DU faculty can expect the help they need for teaching innovations in new environments.

In spring 2020, faculty across campus responded heroically to online teaching and students rose to new challenges.  Still, successful emergency responses likely don't represent the best of what professors can achieve with advance planning and resources. 

To provide Expert Teaching in Complex Times, the University of Denver has committed $3 million dollars over the next year to help a strong teaching faculty create innovative learning environments.  Our students will have exceptional educations.

Below, we announce seven initiatives, along with the modest organizational structures and the budgets needed to achieve all these goals. DU's remarkable investment in teaching innovations will be a point not only of pride but also of national distinction.

Seven Things that DU Professors Can Do Right Now

Information Services has a page of faculty resources.  You can learn how to use Kaltura to create videos, how to use Zoom, and other tools.

The Office of Teaching and Learning offers a wide range of resources, including upcoming events, scheduling one on one consultations with learning experts, and so on.