Voluntary Pay Action & Employee Benefits Review Working Group

Charge: This working group will continue scenario planning for possible budget reductions in fiscal year 2021 related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, to plan for strategic workforce alignment in the next fiscal year, this working group will consider the impact of voluntary pay actions—such as employee-elected furloughs, voluntary reduction of hours and incentivized separation—and the employee benefit portfolio.  Additionally, the working group will compare DU’s employee benefits to peer institutions and provide an objective review of costs and benefits.    

Timeframe: The working group will summarize findings for senior administration and Board of Trustees by February 28, 2021. 


  • Jerron Lowe 

    Interim Vice Chancellor for Human Resources  



  • Lloyd Moore 

    Director of Benefits, HRIC 

  • Joe Benson 

    Associate Provost of Budget and Planning 

  • Leandra Martinez 

    Assistant Controller 

  • Shaunda Norman 

    Director of HR Services, Shared Services 

  • Kannan Muralidharan 

    Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment  

  • Beth Robischon 

    Associate General Counsel  

  • Michael LaFarr 

    Executive Director, Health and Counseling Center 

  • Caitlin Montanez 

    Assistant Director, Talent Operations  

  • Alexandria Vasquez Parnell 

    Admissions Counselor and Staff Advisory Council Co-Secretary 

  • Nic Ormes 

    Assistant Dean and Associate Professor, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 

  • Kevin Lynch 

    Associate Professor, Sturm College of Law 

  • Michelle Knowles 

    Associate Professor, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics