Contractor Safety

Contractors performing construction activities shall demonstrate competence in performing designated work and in effective safety management, i.e., acceptable injury rates. Contractors are expected to always perform work safely in accordance with established procedures. 

Contractor Requirements

  • The contractor must comply with applicable Federal, State, and local health and safety regulations and applicable University of Denver policies.
  • The Contractor will post, where appropriate, all necessary job-site health and safety notices.
  • If a project Health & Safety Plan is stipulated, a copy of the Plan must be submitted to the DU Environmental Health & Safety Director, at least 48 hours before commencement of work.
  • Contractors shall have established applicable OSHA mandated programs in place such as, but not limited to, Hazardous Communication, Respiratory Protection, Bloodborne Pathogens, Control of Hazardous Energy and Confined Space.
  • The Contractor shall sufficiently identify and document potential hazards associated with contracted work. Procedures shall be provided that describe the hazards and the appropriate protective measures to be implemented.
  • Contractors shall ensure their employees have applicable OSHA-mandated training. This includes, but is not limited to, training on hazard communication, respiratory protection, fall protection, ladders, bloodborne pathogens, confined space work and personal protective equipment (PPE). It is the contractors’ sole responsibility to know what training is required.
  • The employees shall be empowered to immediately stop work that they feel is unsafe.
  • A competent person, defined as someone who is capable of identifying and controlling potential occupational hazards in the working area, shall:
    1. take necessary steps to sufficiently isolate and barricade the work area to keep unauthorized persons away
    2. post the work area with appropriate warning signs, as applicable
    3. shall perform and document regular inspections of the job site
    4. ensure only qualified employees operate equipment and machinery
    5. ensure its employees wear the required PPE, as applicable.