Banner Data Acceptable Use Policies

Banner data is available to users through many methods including direct access, web self-service, DU data views, the Operational Data Store and Enterprise Data Warehouse. It is critical that users understand appropriate use of such data. Much information is confidential and appropriate use is governed by internal and external privacy regulations. Additional institutional acceptable use policies also apply.

Access to DU Data Views and Operational Data Store Data is granted for two purposes:

Internal Reporting

Information in Data Views and the Operational Data Store is provided for internal reporting and data analysis. Data or reports obtained from this data must not be disclosed outside of the institution without approval from the Office of Institutional Research or the data module manager.

Communication with units’ constituents.

Information may be used to communicate (e.g., by writing, telephone or electronic methods) to units’ current employees and students without approval. Communication with prospective students or applicants must be coordinated with the appropriate admission office. Communication with other groups must be coordinated with the data module manager.

Data Module Managers

Alumni and constituent information – University Advancement
Employee information – Human Resources
Financial Information – Office of the Controller
Financial Aid Information – Office of Financial Aid
Recruiting and admission information – Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management or Vice Provost for Graduate Studies
Student information – Office of the Registrar


Access to information is provided in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and institutional privacy and fair use policies. Personally identifiable information about individuals must not be further disclosed. When any constituent has the confidentiality indicator checked in their Banner record, their personal information may not be released outside of the institution in any circumstances. Information about FERPA and DU’s privacy policy may be found at:

Institutional security and other acceptable use policies must be followed. These policies may be found at IT Policies. In particular, users should be aware of Requirements for Secure Computing and policies regarding bulk email.


When distributing files downloaded from Banner to third parties please include the following text:

This information is provided to you in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and institutional privacy and fair use policies. This information must not be further disclosed. Communications with prospects and applicants must be approved by the relevant admission office; communications with alumni and constituents must be approved by University Advancement. For additional information on FERPA or privacy call 303.871.3897. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in loss of security access to such reports and subject the offender to appropriate disciplinary action.



Policy reviewed June 2016 by Susan Lutz.