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What is the Technology Solution Center? 

The Technology Solution Center (TSC) is a technology inquiry routing and review process that lives within IT. When a department, employee or student has a business or academic need that can be solved by technology, they should contact the TSC. 

Using the Technology Acquisition Policy as a guidepost, the TSC helps the DU community adopt new technology as needed.

What are the goals of the TSC?

The primary goals of the center are to increase adoption of existing technology, provide the ability for units to work directly with experts on their technology needs, and eliminate the practice of units finding solutions without IT involvement.

The members of this group serve as consultants and educators when DU units need technical solutions, and help steward the requesting unit through the governance, review, and acquisition process.

How is the technology acquisition process changing?

The new Technology Acquisition Policy, created in 2023, brings changes to the way the University adopts technology:

  • All new software acquisitions (including free and trial) and purchase of additional modules for existing software shall be initiated through the Technology Solution Center. It is a condition to the acquisition of any new software that the Technology Solution Center confirm that there is not existing IT-supported software that could be used for the stated purpose.
  • All software acquisitions shall go through a Technology and Security Review facilitated through the Technology Solution Center. All software above five thousand dollars ($5,000) or that capture, store, or process institutional data (as determined by the Technology Solution Center) shall go through a review of vendor terms and conditions. Only specific authorized agents of the University can agree to terms and conditions or enter into contractual agreements on behalf of the University. 
  • Approved Technology that costs five thousand dollars ($5,000) or more must be purchased with a purchase order. Software purchases less than five thousand dollars ($5,000) will require approval of the Technology Solution Center before being processed via a P-card.
  • The computer procurement portal shall be used to order new computers.
  • Audio Visual technology for learning and collaboration spaces shall be purchased through the request form within the Digital Media Services webpage.

How do I contact the TSC? 

Before contacting the TSC, please refer to the Software Catalog to see if there is an existing technology at the University that will solve your need. You may visit the standard computer procurement page for or the IT Hardware ServiceNow Catalog for hardware options.

To contact the TSC, please submit a Technology Solution Request via ServiceNow. From this request you will be asked to select from the following options and provide us with more information.

  • New academic software (academic curriculum, research or hardware with included software)
  • Upgrade of existing technology
  • Renewal of or addition of new module to existing technology
  • I have a question about business solutions that may exist on campus already
  • I have a need that cannot be met by existing enterprise software

What is the process once I contact the TSC? 

If an existing supported technology will meet your needs, the TSC will help you adopt the technology.

If the TSC deems that a new technology will need to be acquired to meet your needs, we will steward you through the acquisition process that might include technology governance approval, budget approval, vendor selection, technology review, and implementation.


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