Adobe Audition

What is Audition? 

Adobe Audition is a stand-alone audio editing and sound-mixing program that allows you to edit and apply effects to the audio from video footage. 

Audition includes multitrack, waveform, and spectral display for creating, mixing, editing, and restoring audio content. Adobe Audition is designed to accelerate video production workflows and audio finishing, and deliver a polished mix with pristine sound. 

Cost and Eligibility: 

Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Audition are available at no cost to all DU students, full-time faculty, and benefitted staff.

Adjunct faculty and non-benefitted staff can request Adobe Creative Cloud through a catalog request.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Record, edit, and integrate audio clips  
  • Produce professional quality audio 
  • Create a podcast 
  • Re-arrange any song to fit any duration with Remix in Audition

Why should I use Audition? 

  • Utilize high-quality software in sound editing/creating courses
  • Record audio for lectures or demonstrations
  • Record audio from guest speakers for a virtual visit
  • Easily edit audio for seamless virtual learning

Training Resources: