Transportation Leadership Project

NCIT in conjunction with its partners is pleased to announce the Transportation Leaders Project. This project is designed to identify and develop and celebrate leadership in the transportation industry. Over the past several years, the center has conducted several research projects and educational activities designed to provide information to members of the transportation community on the key aspects of leadership needed to succeed in the transportation industry. One of our first projects was the Founding Fathers of Intermodal Transportation Oral History Project. We have also sponsored studies of managerial competencies, career paths, and ethical executive decision making.

The Project is The Intermodal Founders Oral History Program will preserve the rich history of the intermodal freight transportation industry for posterity, research, and educational purposes. During the last 40 years, revolutionary changes have had an impact on the movement of freight and have precipitated a restructuring of North America's freight transportation system.

The University of Denver Intermodal Transportation Institute (ITI/DTI) and the National Center for Intermodal Transportation co-hosted the Intermodal Founding Fathers of North America Conference on 27-29 July 1999. This historic conference provided the backdrop for more than 40 industry pioneers to be interviewed as a part of this important oral history program. In all likelihood, there may never be another opportunity to record the history of the intermodal freight movement in the words of those who created it.

The Intermodal Founders Oral History Program will create a unique record of the legacy of these trailblazing industry leaders who have had such a significant impact on today's transportation system. The project will have lasting value to the transportation industry, students, and scholars by providing the opportunity to view and to read about the wisdom and vision of those early pioneers, stated in their own words. The timeliness of this project highlights the importance of preserving historical records and materials to ensure that those who wish to may study history and hopefully not "be doomed to repeat it."

One of our original board members, JB Hunt and Mike Haverty contributed to the Oral History Archive with a discussion of how they started the partnership between JBHunt Trucking and BNSF, that later led to the development of BNSF Intermodal. Please view the interview here.

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