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Hyperloop Cutaway


Hyperloop for Cargo

Hyperloop Pod Competition

Hyperloop One Completes Full-scale Test Run

Hyperloop Test Pod Sets Speed Record


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The Boring Company

The Boring Company's Chicago project seems awfully cheap for something so big

Elon Musk's Boring Company Wins a Big Boring Contract in Chicago

Everything You Need to Know About Elon Musk's (Not So) Boring Company

Elon Musk's Boring Company to Build 150 mph Chicago Loop to O'Hare

Chicago taps Elon Musk's Boring Company to build high-speed transit tunnels that would tie Loop with O'Hare


Otto Truck

Electric & Self-Driving Trucks

10 Breakthrough Technologies: MIT Technology Review 

One Of The Biggest Problems Facing Self-Driving Trucks Has Little To Do With The Technology

Autonomous Vehicles:

Self-Driving Trucks – Timelines and Developments

End Of The Road: Will Automation Put An End To The American Trucker?

Insider Says Tesla Semi Is Good For Whole Trucking Industry

DAF delivers its first all-electric truck

Daimler delivers its first all-electric Freightliner truck

VIA Rail selects Siemens for flagship fleet renewal

Tesla Semi rival Nikola unveils third truck


Cargo Ship

Container Shipping




Blockchain & Shipping Logistics

How Blockchain Will Transform The Supply Chain And Logistics Industry

California's SB1

The United States federal excise tax on gasoline is 18.4 cents per gallon and 24.4 cents per gallon for diesel fuel.  The federal tax was last raised in 1993 and is not indexed to inflation, which increased by a total of 73 percent from 1993 until 2018.  On average, as of January 2019, state and local taxes and fees add 33.78 cents to gasoline and 36.23 cents to diesel, for a total US volume-weighted average fuel tax of 52.18 cents per gallon for gas and 60.63 cents per gallon for diesel.

Proposition 6: Voters reject gas tax repeal

Majority of California voters want to repeal gas tax increase

Billions of dollars at stake for transportation in California gas tax repeal effort

California gas tax repeal initiative: What you need to know

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