Policy Oversight

University policies are organized by administrative department and each department has a responsible officer and a policy liaison.

The responsible officer is the department head and develops, authorizes and implements that department's policies. The officer is responsible to keep all department policies up-to-date and revise policies to reflect current policy, practice and procedure of the University. Each University policy should be reviewed by the originating department and revised as necessary at least every five years.

The responsible officer annually appoints a policy liaison who will serve as the main point of contact with the Department of Business and Financial Affairs for all policy-related matters for the department or campus.

Policy Liaisons & Responsible Officers

Consult the table below to determine the responsible officer and policy liaison for a department or campus.
Responsible Department
Responsible Officer
ACAD Academic Affairs

Mary Clark                   

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

ADV Advancement

Valerie Otten                 

Senior Vice Chancellor for Advancement

ATHL Athletics & Recreation

Karlton Creech                

Vice Chancellor for Athletics & Recreation

AUDT Internal Audit

Tiffany Wen                            

Director, Internal Audit

BOT Board of Trustees

Nancy Nicely                   

Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff

BUDG Budget, Planning, & Administration

Linda Kosten                   

Vice Provost for University Budget, Planning & Administration

EHS Environmental Health & Safety

Chris Short                   

Director of Environmental Health & Safety

ENRL Enrollment

Todd Rinehart                    

Vice Chancellor for Enrollment

EOIX Equal Opportunity & Title IX

Emily Babb                

Associate Vice Chancellor for Equal Opportunity & Title IX

FAC Faculty  Affairs

Kate Willink                      

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

FINA Business & Financial Affairs

Leslie Brunelli                 

Senior Vice Chancellor for Business and Financial Affairs

GOVT Government & Community Relations

Stephanie O'Malley

Associate Vice Chancellor for Government & Community Relations

GRAD Graduate Education

Corinne Lengsfeld       

Senior Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education

HRIC Human Resources & Inclusive Community

Jerron Lowe                  

Interim Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Inclusive Community

INTL Internationalization

Uttiyo Raychaudhuri         

Vice Provost for Internationalization

IR Institutional Research

Corinne Lengsfeld       

Senior Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education

IT Information Technology

Gary Starling                     

Vice Chancellor for Information Technology

LEGL General Counsel

Paul Chan                         

Vice Chancellor and General Counsel

MCOM Marketing & Communications

Renea Morris                    

Vice Chancellor for Marketing & Communications

ODEI Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Christopher Whitt             

Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

OPER Operations

James Rosner          

Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management & Planning

ORSP Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Corinne Lengsfeld       

Senior Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education

PROV Office of the Provost

Mary Clark                   

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

RISK Enterprise Risk Management

Eric Hartman            

Executive Director, Enterprise Risk Management

SAIE Student Affairs

Todd Adams                    

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

SAFE Campus Safety

Mike Holt                       

Interim Director of Campus Safety

ULIB University Libraries

Katherine Crowe      

Associate Professor and Curator of Archive and Special Collections