First-Year Seminar

All first-year students are required to register for a four-credit First-Year Seminar (FSEM)during the fall quarter. The FSEM is the first course in the Common Curriculum, introducing students to the academic values and norms of the DU community. Each FSEM is taught by an FSEM faculty mentor who facilitates learning on subjects they are passionate about and additionally, sets expectations for students to hone academic skills essential for successful college work.

The Basics

The FSEM is designed to provide an opportunity for first-year students to engage with their faculty and peers in a small class environment during the fall quarter. The FSEM faculty mentor serves as the primary advising support for first-year students enrolled in their FSEM course.

Before fall quarter begins, students meet and go through Discoveries Orientation with their FSEM classes. Throughout the fall quarter, students meet 4 hours a week with their FSEM class further developing a sense of connection and belonging to the DU community. After the end of the fall quarter, the FSEM faculty mentor will continue to meet with each student during winter and spring quarters to provide consistent academic advising, mentoring, and support.

How to Register

First-Year students will register for the FSEM course during New Student Registration. Students should explore the course descriptions to find the FSEM courses they find interesting! It is recommended that students select at least five FSEM courses in preparation for New Student Registration the week of July 24. We encourage students to take something that sparks their curiosity and perhaps pushes them outside their comfort zone.

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Registration & Advising Contact Information

For questions about registration issues including errors, contact or call 303-871-4095.

For questions about academic advising or course planning, contact