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Corinne Lengsfeld, Ph.D.

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Dr. Corinne Lengsfeld serves as the Senior Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education at the University of Denver. As the chief research officer, she is the primary advocate for the University's research mission and is charged with understanding, celebrating, leading and enhancing all forms of scholarship to foster professional growth of the faculty, advancing knowledge, enriching the student experience, and enhancing University visibility. Dr. Lengsfeld oversees all internal support for research, the management of external grants and contracts, research integrity and protection, intellectual property and technology transfer and some multidisciplinary research institutes/core facilities.

In her capacity as the head of graduate education, she serves as the pathway and provides an official record for graduate student applications, admissions, enrollment, monitoring and recording of academic progress, and the awarding of degrees. Dr. Lengsfeld provides leadership around enrollment strategy, communicates enrollment progress relative to targets to the Board of Trustees and generates collaboration across the university to leverage enrollment successes in various divisions.

A deeply respected teacher, researcher, administrator, and colleague, Dr. Lengsfeld has been part of the DU community for over 20 years. Previously, she served as the interim provost and executive vice chancellor, as well as in other leadership roles at DU. As a faculty member still actively engaging in research, she specializes in interdisciplinary research in meso- and micro-scale fluid systems. Her research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Health & Human Services, the Department of Defense, the State of Colorado, Keck Futures, and others.

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