Research Services

We offer an extensive range of research support services, including help with grant applications, compliance support, intellectual property protection, data visualization, IT support, data management and more. 

Below, find information on some key actions, as well as the services offered by our different offices and key resources.

Research Support Services

  • University Library Resources

    The Library provides

    • data management workshops
    • data management planning consultations
    • research guides
    • metadata consultations
    • repository services
    • digital preservation services
    • identification of subject repositories
    • digital DU
    • open access education
    • dataset discovery consultations
    • data citation best practices & resources
    • data licensing resources.

    For more information about the University Library, contact: 

    Michael Levine-Clark

  • IT Research Support Services

    Research Support can assist with:

    • research data storage plans
    • determining specs for computing equipment
    • facilitate obtaining quotes for computer equipment to be used for Research
    • identifying computer and software vendors for Research software and equipment
    • manage research software licensing contracts
    • facilitate license sharing among multiple departments
    • granting access to and facilitating the use of the high performance computing (HPC) cluster
    • equipment (servers, workstations) hosting
    • explore options and/or implement specialized equipment
    • troubleshoot specialized research configurations/environments
    • research continuity

    Available Software through IT: SAS, SAS JMP 11 Professional, SPSS (for research or teaching on DU-owned computers), STATA, Mathematica, Spartan 10

    For more information about the DUs HPC, please see the Portfolio pages (requires login to view).

    For more information about IT, contact:

    IT Help Center

  • Qualtrics Documentation


  • Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

    The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs provides assistance with

    • locating funding opportunities
    • preparing budgets
    • interpretation of regulations and guidelines
    • compliance with University and sponsoring agency requirements
    • proposal submissions
    • negotiations
    • post-award administrative compliance
    • financial reporting
    • audits
    • project closeouts

    For more information about the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, go to this site or contact:

  • Office of Research Integrity & Education

    Research Compliance & Education 

    • conducts classroom presentation on various topics related to research ethics, RCR IRB, IACUC, IBC, etc.
    • conducts Research Compliance Workshops
    • assists with preparation and submission of materials for review by compliance committees (e.g. IRB, IBC, IACUC)
    • conducts one-on-one pre-submission consultations
    • conducts Research Ethics Consultations
    • conducts Post Approval Monitoring - available upon request, this is a comparative review of the actual activities occurring under an approved protocol
    • conducts Research Compliance Quality Improvement
    • assists with creating Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) plans for NSF and NIH funding proposals
    • facilitates RCR training
    • provides access to educational resources for RCR training.

    For more information about Research Compliance & Education, visit their site or contact:

    Tyler Ridgeway
    Interim Director

  • Office of Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer

    The Senior Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education oversees the Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer. Working with researchers, our Office assists faculty, staff, and students with issues related to intellectual property protection.

    Please visit our site for more information.

    For more information, contact:

    Ashley Thomas
    Manager, Office of Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer

  • Center for Statistics & Visualization Services

    The Center for Statistics and Visualization provides

    • grant proposals
    • research and experimental design
    • visualization-based data analysis
    • statistical analysis and interpretation
    • data presentation
    • visualization dashboard consulting
    • design
    • implementation.

    For more information about the Center for Statistics and Visualization, contact:

    Catherine Durso

    Research Statistician