Proudly Representing DU Staff

Our leadership is dedicated in their advocacy and committed to ensuring the interests of each and every member of the DU staff is represented to the fullest.

Meet Our Leaders

Garret Glass, President

Garret Glass is the Assistant Director of Production Services for the Robert & Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts as well as the President of the Staff Advisory Council. Garret has been a part of the staff at DU since 2003. During that time he has worked on such events as TEDxDU, Peace Jam, the 2012 Presidential Debate, as well as countless other performances in the Newman Center. He has served on the Staff Advisory Council for over 3 years. Garret graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre in 2002.

Alexandria Vasquez Parnell, Secretary

Tali Koziol Thomason, Vice President

Tali Thomason has over 20 years of professional experience culminating in her current role at the University of Denver. As Director of Marketing, Communications, and Events for the Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Tali drives strategy and implementation to build the school’s brand, share their success, and cultivate a strong engaged community. Tali also serves as the Chair of the Women's Coalition at the University of Denver. She is a Colorado native who is addicted to podcasts and audiobooks and enjoys knitting and getting outdoors with her family when she’s not on campus.

Olivia Olson, Treasurer



Our Committees play an essential role in an array of decision-making capacities. Each committee has a chair responsible for the budgetary, administrative and project coordination of all committee functions.

The Staff Advisory Council committees and initiatives are currently being updated at transitioning due to the end of the academic year. Please check back in late June for updates. 

  • Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee is the administrative body that oversees the functions and operations of the Staff Advisory Council (SAC). The Committee is responsible for addressing any proposals for policy/procedure changes submitted by the SAC Staff Issues Committee, and also oversees the Elections ad-hoc Committee. Additionally, the Executive Committee is responsible for awarding monetary gifts from the Staff Benevolent Fund.


    • Garret Glass, President
    • Tali Koziol Thomason, Vice President
    • Alexandria Vasquez Parnell, Secretary
    • Olivia Olson, Treasurer
  • Communications Committee


    • Tali Thomason, co-chair
    • Nathan Willers, co-chair
    • Rachel DeDeyn
    • Laura Miller
    • Bella Peccolo
    • Jasmine Pulce
    • Nithya Ramu
    • Lisa Westendorf
    • Ingrid Weyher
  • Community & Events Committees

    Our Community & Events Committees focus on how the SAC can promote trust, teamwork and pride among staff members and strengthen the entire DU community.

  • Staff Action & Resource (STAR) Committee

    The Staff Action and Resource Committee keeps track of action items that surface during SAC meetings, assigns them to committee and council members, and works to ensure each item is addressed appropriately. The STAR Committee also drafts proposals to add/change/amend any DU policies and procedures affecting the well-being and productivity of the staff, as determined by the Council.


    • Garret Glass (Current Chair)
    • Hema Visweswaraiah
    • Olivia Olson
    • Amy Hilt
    • Ethan Taylor-Pierce
    • Jon Andersen
    • Katie Pettet
    • Michelle Fryer
    • Yoshie Matsubara
  • Outreach Committee

    The Outreach Committee works to keep the website and flyer information up to date and provide new content for the website. They also represent the SAC at events like orientation or the benefits fair, and works to recruit new SAC members.


    • Michael Furry, Co-chair
    • Meghan Montelibano, Co-chair
    • Rosalynn Feagins
    • Renee Carvalho
    • Catherine Kelley
    • Alexandria Vasquez Parnell
    • Theresa Gomez
  • Strategic Committee


    • Tali Thomason
    • Garret Glass
    • Alexandria Vasquez Parnell
    • Nathan Willers
    • Ingrid Weyher
    • Olivia Olson
    • Bella Peccolo