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Tamarix: A Case Study of Ecological Change in the American West
2013 – Dr. Martin Quigley and Dr. Anna Sher

Our very own Arboretum Director, Dr. Martin Quigley, and colleague Dr. Anna Sher have edited the first-ever volume devoted to the ecology of the genus Tamarix: A Case Study of Ecological Change in the American West


Reading Accession Label

New Accession Labels in the Arboretum
February 18, 2014

One of the most fundamental practices in curating a living collection is attaching labels to the plants. Labels act as an important step in stabilizing the link between the object on the grounds and the records stored in digital files.


Tree Diversity

DU Hosts the 2014 Tree Diversity Conference
January 24, 2014

Our urban forests are under siege from disease, aging canopy, budget constraints, and more. Leading experts on creating a vibrant urban canopy from across America will launch this first-event-of-its-kind in Colorado.


Japanese beetle

The Japanese Beetle in Denver
June 13, 2013

Over the past couple of years a new insect threat has emerged in the Denver area. The Japanese beetle was discovered in the Cherry Hills area around 2005 and has slowly but steadily spread. In the last two years the population has exploded on the DU campus and surrounding community.


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