The Center for World Languages and Cultures (CWLC) offers support to all language students at the University of Denver as well as services for the wider Denver community. The CWLC aims to build interculturally competent communities through the learning, teaching, and practice of the world's many languages and cultures.

The CWLC’s continuing education offerings include community language classes that meet online or in person, small study cohort classes for specific professions, and individualized self-directed study courses for less commonly taught languages. Please contact us at cwlc@du.edu to find the best program for your needs.

Course Catalog

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Beginners’ Arabic

Intended for learners with little or no exposure to Arabic, this non-credit course covers the basics of the Arabic language with a focus on developing communication skills. To complete this course curriculum in its entirety, learners should expect to enroll in the fall, winter, and spring sessions. However, learners can join for any 10-week session. In each course, learners will meet for 90 minutes weekly with a DU language instructor who will guide learners’ studies and provide opportunities for engaging in conversation during weekly meetings.

Hindi for You!

Hindi for You! is a non-credit program dedicated to self-directed and motivated learners who seek the opportunity to study a less-commonly taught language not available through traditional classroom instruction at DU. Learners will be part of a small cohort (2-5 members) supported by a native or fluent speaker of Hindi who will be their Language Partner. To complete the program, learners are expected to commit to a regular schedule of independent study and attend two weekly sessions with their language partner: once with their cohort, and once for a one-on-one with the language partner. Within this framework, this program allows development of linguistic and cultural competence through active conversation while providing personalized learning.

French for International Relations

This course prepares learners to communicate effectively in French in a professional setting related to the field of international relations. Learners will further develop language proficiency by completing professional tasks in authentic situations. Upon successful completion of all course assignments, learners will earn a badge that demonstrates their skills acquisition. Assessments include the preparation of a portfolio and an oral presentation. This is an online course with a weekly synchronous meeting. A minimum of intermediate-low proficiency level in French or completion of the intermediate college sequence (2 years) is a prerequisite for this course.