The Transportation and Supply Chain Institute at the University of Denver (TSCI) develops the next generation of transportation, logistics, and supply chain leaders through a world class educational portfolio.

TSCI was established over two decades ago by a board of industry executives to build an academic institute that reflected the needs of a fledgling industry. TSCI remains an academic unit within University College and partners with businesses around the world to help students advance their knowledge, careers and organizations. TSCI programs help develop relevant skill sets that are critical for business, provide hands-on experience and connect students with a global network of transportation and supply chain leaders.

Information on past short courses is provided below.

Increase your earning potential and build better teams with the following non-credited short courses offered through the Transportation & Supply Chain Institute (TSCI). These courses are designed to enhance your industry knowledge, develop your leadership skills, and help you effectively solve problems in the workplace.

  • 100% Online
  • Seminar style
  • Certificate of Completion

Past Short Courses

Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting

Learn or refresh yourself with a survey in the Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting. An understanding of accounting is essential for today's managers and even the basic skills in finance and accounting can improve hireability and increase your chances for promotion and advancement. This 3-day virtual seminar course will provide an overview of finance and accounting. Topics will include the language of finance and accounting; essential calculations; the fundamental nature of debits and credits; and how to read and interpret a financial statement.

EQ for Managers

For organizations to succeed, employees need to feel supported, protected, and enabled by meaningful work within a motivated team. To maximize the potential in terms of performance and productivity, much depends on the emotional intelligence, or EQ, of managers. The statistical data is clear; for leaders to maximize performance of their teams they need to demonstrate genuine and personal engagement. This 3-day seminar course will give people leaders proven methods for creating a workplace environment that emphasizes authenticity, empathy, communication bridging and other techniques to maximize a team’s potential.

The Art of Scientific Thinking

In this evolving and complex world, the scientific method of problem solving has become a key ingredient to the success of organizations. However, there is much confusion to which scientific method to choose. This virtual, one-week micro course will explore both ends of the spectrum for the scientific method of problem solving from an ordered and predictable Linear Systems approach to a non-linear and unpredictable Complex, or chaotic, Systems approach. The course will take a dive into linear scientific method approaches (PDCA-A3 thinking-DMAIC) for students to learn how to tackle complicated and simple business problems with these techniques. In this course, you will learn how to quantify a business problem and set up a project team to solve it.