Supporting our Diverse Campus Community

The University of Denver recognizes that diversity efforts on campus evolve in response to the world around us. As we actively listen to all the voices that make up DU, new offices and programs form to address the concerns of our community members.

We invite you to use this site as a launchpad to connect with the campus groups advancing our collective commitment to inclusive excellence. Meet the staff of our centers, attend an event put on by student clubs, or apply to research a topic more deeply. We move forward together.




Turkish Nonimmigrant Visa Resources

The United States and Turkey have suspended all nonimmigrant visas. Please check the ISSS website or contact an ISSS advisor for questions and support.

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DACA Resources

The University remains committed to serving all of its students and community members in the wake of the DACA rescission.

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University Updates, Values Resources and Practices

Legal Advice and Counsel:

The University will continue to provide access to legal counsel through Catholic Charities to help members of our community impacted by the recent decision to end DACA. This includes the opportunity to meet individually with an immigration attorney in a confidential off-campus setting. To access a voucher to utilize these services, please visit the Center for Multicultural Excellence, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, or VIP.

ICE and other Law Enforcement:

Members of our community who are concerned about what to do if any local, state or federal law enforcement agent request information about a student, the University reminds our employees that student records are protected by FERPA unless proper documentation requesting such information is provided at which time all agents should be referred to the Office of Campus Safety or the Office of General Counsel. For full details please read the University Official Memo regarding sharing student information.

DU Admission and Financial Aid: Education without discrimination

The University of Denver strives to foster a diverse and welcoming campus community for all students, regardless of background, race or immigration status. As part of that commitment, we welcome and encourage applications from students with an undocumented or DACA immigration status.

Any student who is impacted by the DACA program ending is still fully eligible for admission and fully eligible to receive institutional merit aid. For more details, please visit the Undergraduate Admission site outlining our approach and values. Anyone who still has questions regarding their admission status or future prospects, can contact anyone in the Admission Office or the Office of Graduate Studies.

If a current student has questions regarding their financial aid package and status, they can contact the staff in the Financial Aid Office.

Mental Health and Wellness: 

All students and employees have access to the University of Denver’s Health and Counseling Center and can access their services if they feel the need for such support. 


In addition, the Graduate School of Professional Psychology’s Trauma & Disaster Recovery Clinic and Professional Psychology Clinic (PPC) at DU provide help to people after adversity with services that honor and expand their strengths and resources. The TDRC assists those in need of psychological interventions to alleviate the effects of traumatic experiences and foster resilience as well as personal, family, and community growth. The PPC is staffed by doctoral students under the supervision of licensed mental health professionals, we offer a broad range of confidential mental health care that is innovative, cutting edge, LGBTQ affirming, and culturally sensitive.  Both clinic offers a sliding scale.


Resources Related to Executive Order on Immigration Ban

Resources for Students

Questions about student immigration status

Any student who is concerned about their immigration/resident/visa status should contact Lynne Warner or her colleagues in the Office of International Student and Scholar Services at 303-871-4912 or

Questions about executive order implications

Students that have other needs related to this executive order (concerns about family or friends, questions about the future, struggling with academics) can reach out to Tracey Adams Peters or Johanna Leyba in the Center for Multicultural Excellence for help accessing resources.

Support for academic and social concerns

Pioneers CARE (Communicate, Assess, Refer, Educate) is an outreach program that helps find solutions for students experiencing academic, social and crisis situations including mental health concerns. Please call 303-871-2400 for assistance.

Support for mental health concerns

The Health & Counseling Center provides many medical and mental health services. Call 303-871-2205 or visit HCC in the Ritchie Center, 2240 E. Buchtel Blvd., Suite 3N.




Resources for Employees, Faculty and Staff

Questions about employee immigration status

Any employee who has a concern about their status as it relates to their employment should contact Molly Rossi in the Office of Human Resources at 303-871-3103 or

Support for mental health concerns

The Counseling/Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to faculty and staff. University employees can attend up to six counseling sessions each fiscal year at the HCC (the initial consult plus 5 sessions). All individual EAP visits are a covered benefit for University employees and are available at no additional fee.

Additional concerns

A full list of employee resources is available here.




General Resources for All Community Members

Support after a bias incident

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX, in collaboration with University partners, fosters an environment of equal opportunity for students, faculty and staff in all aspects of educational programming and employment. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX is responsible for ensuring compliance with the University's anti-discrimination policies and promoting full compliance with all federal, state and local discrimination laws. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX can assist you with:

  • Consultation concerning issues of possible discrimination, harassment or retaliation
  • Investigation of complaints of discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation
  • Investigation of sexual misconduct matters including sexual assault (non-consensual sexual contact)

Spiritual and religious support

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life passionately advocates for the integration of religious, spiritual and ethical voices and values at the University of Denver. Chaplain Gary Brower ( is available for confidential conversation and support.

Support negotiating with the University

Ombuds Office is a confidential and informal resource for any campus community member who may be experiencing difficulties navigating their time at the University. Please contact Ombuds Jenna Brown at 303-871-4712 or


Get Involved

From gathering with fellow students to connecting with advocates across the metro region, explore ways to amplify your voice.

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