2020 Faculty & Staff Award Celebration

The University of Denver (DU) enjoys a stellar national academic reputation thanks in large part to its faculty. DU is exceptionally fortunate to have professors dedicated to groundbreaking research, world-recognized scholarship, and top-notch teaching expertise. And it's not just the faculty who make DU a special place to learn and work. DU staff are devoted to ensuring the health, well-being, and success of its students.

DU honors the 2019-2020 Faculty & Staff Award winners with the following videos that speak to their contributions and accomplishments.

After hearing about our Faculty and Staff Awardees, please follow the Kudos links and leave a comment to show your appreciation.

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Faculty & Staff Award winners!

There has never been a time when recognizing the incredible work of DU's faculty and staff has been more necessary and deserved.

Jeremy Haefner, Chancellor

Congratulations Anna! It's an honor to work with such a strong advocate!
– From Claire Guzinski

2020 Distinguished Scholar Award Anna Sher
Anna Sher

It has been an honor to work on this celebration. You are a generous and effective leader in your department and across campus. Thank you for everything you do to support your colleagues and community. Congratulations!
– From Tamara Tabb

2020 Faculty Service Award Annette Stott
Annete Stott headshot

Carl, you are such an inspiration as a scholar, a teacher, and especially as a colleague! Many congratulations on winning this very well-deserved award!
– From Andrea Stanton

Carl Rasche 2020 University Lecturer
Carl Raschke headshot