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Institutional Research & Analysis

Photo of fountain behind Mary Reed Building.

Institutional Research & Analysis

Transforming Data Into Knowledge

The Office of Institutional Research & Analysis is the central source for information about the University of Denver. We serve the University's vision, values, mission, and goals by analyzing and reporting institutional data to inform University and unit-level planning and development.

How We Can Help

Our staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds in higher education and the social sciences and have expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Our areas of specialization include:

Advanced Statistics

Using statistical methods to explore relationships between variables and develop explanatory and predictive models.

Non-academic Assessment and Program Evaluation

Using quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research methods to help programs understand their effectiveness and make changes to improve over time.

Data Visualization

Using best practices to effectively communicate data through visualizations, dashboards, and automated reports.

Information Science

Using collaborative data management techniques to model, audit, and maintain data to facilitate institutional reporting and analysis.