Institutional Surveys

We collaborate with project sponsors and content experts to design and administer institutional surveys that support operational and strategic planning at the University.

For more information about institutional surveys, please contact:


DU’s Student Survey Strategy Committee 

The Student Survey Strategy Committee coordinates large scale student surveys and creates recommendations for survey strategies at DU in order to achieve larger institutional objectives. The committee carefully evaluates survey methodologies, survey schedules, and dissemination of survey results. To streamline the process and maximize response rates, please view the DU Student Survey Calendar below. To add your own survey to the schedule please reach out to   

The Student Survey Strategy Committee consists of two co-chairs and seven team members:  

  • Ashley Johnson, co-chair, Student Success  
  • Katia Miller, co-chair, Institutional Research 
  • Chris Wera, Health & Counseling Center 
  • Detric Robinson-Miller, Housing & Residential Life 
  • Keith Miller, Graduate Education 
  • Kristy Firebaugh, Student Success 
  • Laura Perille, 4D Experience 
  • Melanie Kasparian, Student Affairs & Inclusive Excellence 
  • Shira Good, Marketing & Communications 

Survey Overview

Fall 2023

  • One Question Wellbeing Survey. This survey is administered to all UG and Law students. Please reach out to Ashley Johnson for more information

Winter 2024

  • National Survey of Student Engagement. This survey is administered to all UG students. Please reach out to Katia Miller for more information

Spring 2024

  • TBD

Survey Calendar