International Student Information for Windows users

In order to deliver the best quality of technology services at the University of Denver, we require all student computers to have the English version of Windows 10 installed on their computers. Numerous compatibility problems exist between non-English versions of Windows and software licensed by the University of Denver. With the extreme critical issues surrounding campus network security, the University must assure that all computers linked to the campus network are fully updated and secured.  Most, if not all, of the required software used in coursework at the University of Denver are only coded for English operating systems.  

Additionally, our University wireless network configuration utility and public printing software, developed by third party vendors, are not coded for non-English operating systems and installation of these may or may not work properly with non-English operating systems.

Computers running a version of Windows other than the English version of Windows may be routinely denied network access. It is highly recommended that you install the English version of Windows in order to take full advantage of the technology resources offered by the University of Denver. 

After installing the English version of Windows, international students are welcome to use Microsoft's "Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI), a set of language specific resource files that can be added to the English version of Windows Vista or above. When installed, MUI allows the user interface language of the operating system to be changed according to the preferences of individual users to one of 33 supported languages.