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Hello and welcome to the DU Francoscope web site! We've included some basic information about ourselves to help you get involved with our organization: events, how to use the mailing list, etc.

What is the DU Francoscope?
It's the French club at the University of Denver (DU). "Francoscope" is a spin-off of the word "Francophone", meaning French-speaker; our club is for people who can speak French or are trying to learn it!

What do we do?
Each year, the DU Francoscope receives funding from the All Undergraduate Student Association (AUSA). We try to find fun ways to spend that money while getting together to practice French and learn about the Francophone culture! This can include going to a French play/movie, eating out at a French restaurant, or attending a special lecture.

How to get involved
Just check out our list of events to attend or contact us for more information. You can also sign up with our mailing list to get current announcements via e-mail.

French Etiquette Dinner Photos May 2005
2005 Etiquette Dinner Picture 01
2005 Etiquette Dinner Picture 02
2005 Etiquette Dinner Picture 03
2005 Etiquette Dinner Picture 04
2005 Etiquette Dinner Picture 05


Mardi Gras French Cuisine


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