Our Committees

We represent student and community interests through advocacy for programming changes, innovative initiatives, event and organization funding.

  • Senate Affairs Committee

    Some of the biggest initiatives the Senate Affairs Committee has tackled in the past include election reforms to make the process simpler and more secure and proposing amendments to the USG constitution to keep with the ever-changing campus.  This committee helps streamline the election process to make it as easy and efficient as possible for the undergraduate student body and helps the broader Senate keep in line with the goals and regulations of the USG Constitution and bylaws while also updating as needed.

  • Finance Committee

    As the USG Finance Committee consisting of five members, we have all collaborated on in the initial distribution of funds to a wide variety of organizations on campus (through initial allocations) and analyzed/provided supplemental funds to over 50 supplemental funding requests for a large variety of organizations. Our work this year has come at a difficult time with COVID-19 event protocols and has been especially tricky with student fee collection not being guaranteed with the prospect of fee collection being refunded. Despite this, we were able to meet our goals for this year with great success. In future years, a goal of our committee is for the student organization funding process to be very refined and clear to all organizations and equally supportive of organizations of all sizes.

  • Internationalization Committee

     One of the exciting initiatives that the International Students Committee has worked on and in the past year is the Culture Fest. Culture Fest is a celebration for our international students here at DU and for native students to come and test food from different parts of the world and learn about new cultures. We also work with ISS and assist students with varying questions regarding any issues.


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