Office of Research Integrity & Education

The University of Denver expects a high level of commitment to intellectual honesty and ethical standards in all research and scholarly endeavors. The Office of Research Integrity and Education supports DU's goals of creating knowledge and solving global challenges by providing resources to guide scholars through ethical issues and prevent instances of unethical research activities or scholarly misconduct. The Office consists of several specialized committees that engage with the ethical implications of key research areas at the University of Denver.

Areas of Focus

Human Subjects

Learn about the Institutional Review Board (IRB) that focuses on research initiatives that involve human subjects.

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Animal Welfare

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) reviews all projects that involve animal subjects.

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rDNA & Biosafety

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) supports protocols related to research on recombinant DNA and biological hazards.

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Conflict of Interest

The Office offers support and guidance to prevent or resolve conflicts of interest in research activities at DU.

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Research Compliance & Education Program

ORIE offers resources and training to help DU scholars and researchers understand the University's ethical standards and practices around misconduct.

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Human Subjects Research (IRB)

Animal Welfare (IACUC)

rDNA & Biosafety (IBC)

Anonymous Compliance/Ethics Reporting Hotline