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Confidential Crisis Resources

The resources below provide free and confidential supports and will not disclose your personal information or require you to report.

  • The Blue Bench: Sexual assault hotline, along with support during the SANE Forensic Exam, individual/group therapy, case management, and prevention/education programming.
  • Safehouse Denver: Relationship violence hotline, along with shelter services, case management, and individual/group counseling option.


Health and Counseling Center (HCC)
The mission of the HCC is to provide exceptional, inclusive, integrated health care. The HCC promotes student success and wellness through education, advocacy, and outreach to the University of Denver Community.

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Medical Resources

After experiencing a sexual assault, you have the choice to have a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) forensic exam. Such an exam can be performed up to five days after an assault. Choosing to have a SANE forensic exam does not require you to formally report or participate in a law enforcement investigation.

The University of Denver has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with two programs in the Denver Metro area who provide SANE forensic exams following a sexual assault. To receive a SANE exam through either hospital, present to the Emergency Room and inform the front desk that you are seeking a SANE forensic exam.

Denver Health
777 Bannock Street
Denver, CO 80204
Hours of Operation: 24/7

Porter Adventist Hospital
2525 S. Downing Street
Denver, CO 80210
Hours of Operation: 24/7

Health and Counseling Center Medical Services
After experiencing a sexual assault, the HCC can provide consultation, treatment, and testing options for free or reduced cost. Medical staff cannot conduct evidence collection or preservation.

To schedule an appointment or talk with a medical provider confidentially, call: 303-871-2205


SANE Forensic Examination Overview

  • What is a SANE forensic examination?

    A SANE forensic exam is performed by a specially trained registered nurse. The exam is tailored to provide survivors of sexual assault with trauma informed medical treatment and to collect forensic evidence in the event a survivor chooses to report to law enforcement. Typical SANE exams last anywhere from two to six hours. If you choose to have an exam, you have the right to decline any part of the exam and to go at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Standard exams include

    • A complete discussion about medical history
    • Thorough head to toe physical examination
    • Evidence collection
    • Photographs of any injuries sustained during an assault
    • Details about the assault to better inform evidence collection and medical treatment
    • Treatment for possible sexually transmitted infections
    • Pregnancy prevention, if applicable
  • Preservation of Evidence

    In preparing for a SANE forensic exam you can take steps to preserve evidence by

    • Avoid bathing/showering
    • Avoid douching
    • If you can, don't use the restroom (the hospital will take a urine sample when you arrive)
    • Avoid changing your clothes
    • Avoid combing your hair
    • Avoid cleaning up the area where the assault occurred
    • Place any clothing or bedding present during the assault in a brown paper bag and take it to the hospital with you (brown paper bags are available from CAPE).

    It is normal to perform any of the activities recommended to avoid after experiencing a sexual assault. It is okay if you have done any of these activities-- you can still have a SANE forensic exam.

  • SANE Forensic Exam Reporting Options

    In the State of Colorado, if you are an adult and choose to have a SANE exam, you have three reporting options:

    • Anonymous Report - You can choose to obtain a SANE forensic exam, but at that time choose not to participate in the criminal justice process. An anonymous report allows for evidence storage only, and no identifying information will be provided to law enforcement.
    • Medical Report - You can choose to obtain a SANE forensic exam, but choose not to participate in the criminal justice process at that time. You do have the option to have the evidence tested. Your name and other identifying information will be shared with law enforcement, but no investigation will be initiated.
    • Law Enforcement Report - You can choose to obtain a SANE forensic exam and choose to also participate in the criminal justice process at that time. You will be given the opportunity to meet with a law enforcement officer at the hospital.
  • SANE Forensic Exam Costs

    Survivors are not charged for the cost of the SANE forensic exam, but could incur expenses related to treatment of injuries. CAPE is available to talk through any financial questions or concerns.

  • SANE Forensic Exam Transportation

    The University of Denver will assist with transportation when students are seeking medical or forensic services from a SANE unit at either Denver Health or Porter Hospital.

    Public Transportation

    • RTD schedules and trip planner schedules and routes:
    • This option is free for full-time enrolled students with their DU issued RTD pass.

    Taxi Vouchers for transportation for a SANE forensic exam can be provided by the following offices:

    Reimbursement for Taxi or other car service:

    • Survivors can apply for financial assistance through the CAPE Survivor Fund to cover costs of transportation when seeking a SANE exam. Contact CAPE at or 303-871-3853

    Transportation from Campus Safety (not confidential):

    • If Campus Safety has appropriate staffing levels, they can provide transportation to Denver Health or Porter Hospital to students seeking a SANE.
    • The survivor must be accompanied by an advocate or other support person.
    • This is not considered a confidential option.
  • SANE Exams at the Health & Counseling Center

    In partnership with Denver Health, the HCC is now offering Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations (SANEs) that can be accessed up to 7 days after an assault. A SANE collects potential forensic evidence, conducts an overall exam for your well-being, and offers information and medications related to possible STI and/or pregnancy concerns. You are not required to report to police or Title IX in order to access a SANE.

    You can call the HCC to make a same-day appointment at 303-871-2205. The HCC is offering the exams between 8am-2pm Monday-Friday. After 2pm, the HCC can support with transportation to Denver Health Emergency Department. If you have questions about SANEs or would like an advocate to accompany you, please contact a CAPE advocate at or 303-871-3853. 

How to Help a Friend or Loved One


Resources for All Parties Involved in Allegations of Sexual Assault

The Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX provides information and resources to help navigate next steps and options. 



Confidentiality means that your personal information will be protected and will not be disclosed to others without your permission. Limits of confidentiality exist when:

  • Clear and substantial risk of physical danger to self or others exists. This may include life-threatening situations or where specific others are endangered by perpetrator (e.g. threats).
  • Required by law (e.g. child abuse reporting statute) or court ordered. In this case, efforts are made to protect all sensitive information.