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These times of challenge, change, and growth underline the importance of being able to engage across difference. People realize the false security that comes with only hearing similar views, of whatever stripe. In the face of destructive polarization, what is needed is constructive engagement. Building on our work since 2004 in education, training, and research, the Conflict Engagement and Resolution Initiative offers resources to meet this need. We provide tools and training, as well as insights into the theory and research supporting successful constructive engagement. Our purpose is to increase the capacity for communities on and off campus to constructively engage and learn from others who differ in identity, ideology, and life experience.

We envision communities where learning about and sharing our differences creates a richer path forward.

We offer three types of resources to communities, starting with our DU campus: facilitated opportunities for constructive engagement, trainings in tools to convene and facilitate with confidence, and places (virtual and in-person) for learning about supportive theory and research for how and when to use various tools in the most effective ways.

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