The Conflict Engagement and Resolution Initiative is supported by a circle of partners on DU’s campus and in the larger network of those who do this work. Our campus partners are those trained in constructive engagement tools who provide constructive engagement opportunities, and/or those who work with us to offer trainings and other educational events on effective engagement processes. Our resource board develops new directions for CERI and action plans for achieving them. 

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    DU Dialogues

    Providing students with personal, professional and community development opportunities as we meaningfully engage one another to increase mutual understanding around current events, salient identities, and complex issues

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    Scrivner Institute of Public Policy

    Delivering on a commitment to the public good through inclusive, engaged, innovative and ethical public policy curriculum and programming

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    Student Affairs & Inclusive Excellence

    Supporting students in their holistic development through advocacy, collaboration & education

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    Student Rights & Responsibilities

    Providing programs and services designed to foster an inclusive campus community and promote opportunities for holistic student living, learning, and growth

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Conflict Engagement and Resolution Initiative (CERI)

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